January 11th Events & Birthdays

1693 – Italy’s Mount Etna erupts for the second time in 25 years. It is located on the coast of Sicily and it is the tallest active volcano in all of Europe.

1787 – German-born astronomer William Herschel discovered two moons that orbit the planet Uranus. He named them Oberon and Titania after the king and queen of the fairies respectively from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

1927 – The plans to develop an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is William-Herschel-smannounced by the head of MGM – Louis B. Mayer – on this date at a banquet in Los Angeles.

1935 – Famed aviator and exploration pioneer Amelia Earhart flies solo from Hawaii to California over the Pacific Ocean, becoming the first person to achieve that feat.
1949 – KDKA-TV out of Pittsburgh broadcasts the first networked programming which connected the East Coast, West Coast, and the Midwest regions of the US.

1960 – Henry Lee Lucas, one of the nation’s most prolific serial killers, committed the first murder that is attributed to him on this day.

1963 – The Whiskey-a-Go-Go, a popular and iconic nightclub in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, became the first disco club in the United States.Whiskey-a-Go-Go-sm

1967 – Iconic rock guitarist and musician Jimi Hendrix recorded his well-known hit Purple Haze, which came to be known as one of his most popular songs.

1977 – Abu Daoud, a Palestinian national, was released from a French prison after he was cleared of any involvement in the 1972 Munich Olympics incident in which several Israeli athletes were massacred.

2002 – Camp X-Ray, which was one of Guantanamo Bay’s temporary detention facilities, received its first 20 captives. The camp closed less than four months later and the detainees were transferred elsewhere.

Famous Birthdays

c. 1756 – Alexander Hamilton, Nevisian-American economist, politician, philosopher,Alexander-Hamilton-sm and first United States Secretary of the Treasury
1815 – John A. Macdonald, Canadian politician and first Prime Minister of Canada
1842 – William James, American psychologist and philosopher (Principles of Psychology, The Varieties of Religious Experience)
1885 – Alice Paul, American activist and suffragistAlice-Paul-sm
1938 – Arthur Scargill, English politician, former president of the National Union of Mineworkers
1952 – Diana Gabaldon, American author (Outlander series, Lord John series)
1971 – Mary J. Blige, American singer-songwriter and producer (What’s the 411?, Real Love, Missing You)
1972 – Amanda Peet, American actress (The Whole Nine Yards, Identity,Amanda-Peet-sm Syriana)
1982 – Son Ye-jin, South Korean actress (The Classic, A Moment to Remember, April Snow)
1986 – Rachel Riley, English television host (Countdown, The Gadget Show)