Jacek Yerka Paintings

Jacek Yerka is a Polish painter from Toruń. Yerka's work has been exhibited in the United States, France, Monaco, Germany, and Poland. His artworks have been displayed in the museums of Poland. Learn more »

Paintings by Jacek Yerka in Chronological Order

Susan, 1984 Ammonite, 1989 Between Heaven And Hell, 1989
Afternoon With The Bros Grimm, 1990 The snow is not permitted, 1991 Ventimiglia, 1992
Room, 1993 The place of origin, 1993 Illicit manufacturing of Light, 1993
Ellison Wonderland, 1993 Life on stump, 1994 Polish Bonsai, 1996
Triptych – the left part, 1996 Triptych – the right part, 1996 Triptych – the middle part, 1996
Green room, 1997 Tsunami, 1998 Jealousy, 1998
Fantastic Landscape, 1999 Jurassic Parking, 1999 Peace Farm, 1999
Erosion, 2000 Last Minute, 2000 Wegener's theory, 2001
Ecosystem, 2002 Rainbow, 2003 Two Snails, 2004
Tectonics, 2004 Spring Labyrinth, 2004 At Cosmos Bank, 2004
The Other Side of the Castle, 2004 San Andrea, 2004 Alley, 2004
Hedges, 2004 The Angels' Kitchen, 2005 Stone and brick, 2005
Winter, 2005 Turf Bay, 2006 Interrupted Picnic, 2006
A street, 2006 The Fight Between Carnival and Lent, 2007 Aquarius, 2008
Lamb of Helgoland, 2009 Sierra Telegraphic, 2010 Dragon's pleasure, 2011
Ink Valley, 2011 Dream, 2011 Time of mushrooms, 2011
Heating season, 2011 Polish cuisine, 2012 Internal Inspection
Alarm Clock Wandering Seller Mushroom alley Tornado alley
Amazon Clock Maker Archipelag Indian summer
Swamp tea Bathyscaphe Desert Island
Bishop of Sargasso Sea Brontosaurus Civitas Boudoir
Chmurolamacz Country & Eastern Cowan City
Timebreaker Waiting for the tram Four seasons
Enhabited oak The roof of the World House on the Prairie
Double Life Vacancy lifetime Road
Second Day of Creation Strawberry tree The World tree
Two worlds, and even one Enclave Epitaph
Erroll'S Holiday Piano Orange grove
Gameboy Gardener`s Cottage Spiritual hour
Goral tea War Games Habitat
Apple mania Jacuzzi Autumn In Madeira
Autumn Autumn Labyrinth Horsemen of Chaos
Underwater life Ecumenical cat Dragon pleasure
Mordor Nights I like the Sorrow In Landscapes
Fisherman's Shack Summer kitchen Cathedral II
Dragon hunting Scene Under the Stairs Weather under the lilac
Grasshopper's dresser Dutch bouquet Summer in the city
Life on stump Grandma's Kitchen Brontosaurus Civitas
Autumn depot Under the Garden Towers Fantastic landscape
Underwater landscape Playhouse Under the Landscapes
Orange grove Messages of the Forest on a moonlit night Back to Home
Private Wave The Cider Recipe Paradise in the courtyard (Called three times)
Sleep There is peace in the Block Theophilus snail
Three Seasons Villa Recreation Creator
Close this window Cabins Cathedral
Cathedral Personal forest Strawberries railway
King Boletus Artist's Kitchen Oceanic Kitchen
Ball Loading cities Summer
Oceanic bathroom Bathroom Summer Bedroom
Medieval Surfing Philip's site My Mokotowska
Birth of Life Learning Walk New Age Manhattan
Niagara Dutch Landscape Breath of the Dragon
The Garden Party on the Island Full bowl
Personal Shelf Little Dog's Rock Techno beach
Underwater Tower Little room on the Mount Think of the Weekend
Lion afternoon Hunter's morning Port
Back to Home Back from Safari Desert tram
Paradise in the yard Relaxation Time Rock Street
Chisel landscape Strawberry garden Garden
Habitat Dead end Snail's rent
City of death Sonnet State Of Water
Cover a little table Strawberry Fields Street Of Pocket Jungle
Sun Spots Festive Room Cabinet webcam
The Secret Garden Tectonics Underwater traction
Twilight In The Nursery Ursus Winner Wind of History
Easter The great departure Subconscious tower
Villa Spring in the Parish From the depths of
Profile Confusion In The Kitchen Jealousy
Clock Zeppelin Green age
Harvesting Amok Attack At Dawn Back To Nature
Base Beneath The Dunes House over the waterfall
Eruption Europe Express Delivery
Fever Foraging In The Field In the Oligocene Gardens
Metropolis II Paradise Please Don't Slam The Door
Shed Of Rebellion The Agitators The Cosmic Barnyard
The Creation Of Water The Inquisition The Silence
Theory Of Tension To Each His Own Traffic Prohibited
Truancy At The Pond Twilight In The Cupboard A door

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