Ivan Albright Paintings

Ivan Le Lorraine Albright (February 20, 1897 – November 18, 1983) was an American magic realist painter and artist. He was famous for his still-lifes, character studies, and self-portraits. Learn more »

Paintings by Ivan Albright in Chronological Order

Burgomeister with Key, 1925 Maker of Dreams, 1926 I Slept with the Starlight on My Face, 1926
Memories of the Past, 1927 The Lineman, 1927 I Walk To and Fro Through Civilization, 1927
I Drew a Picture in the Sand and the Water Washed It Away, 1927 Flesh, 1928 There Were No Flowers Tonight, 1929
Seaman, 1929 Among Those Left, 1929 Into the World There Came a Soul Called Ida, 1930
And Man Created God in His Own Image, 1930 Wherefore Now Ariseth the Illusion of a Third Dimension, 1931 The Farmer’s Kitchen, 1934
And The Day Ran into the Night, 1937 Ah God, Herrings, the Glittering Sea, 1940 Maine Coast, 1940
This Ichnolite of Mine, 1940 The Door, 1931-1941 Divided and Divided, 1941
The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1943-1944 The Temptation of St. Anthony, 1944-1945 Bridal Ten Sleep Falls, 1946
Ranch Wyoming, 1946 Self-Portrait – 55 East Division Street, 1948 The Wild Bunch (Hole in the Wall Gang), 1950-1951
Portrait of Mary Block, 1955-1957 Brieve, 1960 Nile River at Aswan, Egypt, 1960
Fez Morocco, 1960 Alicia’s Azaleas on St. Mary’s River, 1962 The Rustlers, 1961-1962
Poor Room, 1957-1963 Captain Joseph Medill Patterson, 1962-1964 St. Mary’s Black River is Blue, Georgia, 1964
St. Mary’s River, Georgia, 1964 Platter under Georgia Fish, 1966 Copenhagen, Denmark, 1967
Copenhagen, Denmark(1), 1967 Inland Sea, Japan, 1967 Moscow, 1967
Moscow(1), 1967 Inland Sea Japan from Boat, 1969 Mt. Semeru, Jadka-kura, Java, 1969
Tahiti, 1969 Three Trees, Georgia, 1969 Road to Kairouan, Tunisia, 1970
The Amazon River, Iquitos, Peru, 1971 Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1973 A Face from Georgia, 1970-1974
Pray for These Little Ones (Perforce They Live Together), 1973-1974 Nags Head, Cape Hatteras, 1974 View from Room 603, Watergate, Washington, D.C., 1974
Road Augsburg to Munich, Germany, 1975 Hail to the Pure, 1976 Near Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1976
View from the Hotel Window of Roof of Guild Hall, Brussels, Belgium, 1976 Self-Portrait, 1981 Self-Portrait (No.3), 1981
Self-Portrait, 1982 Self-Portrait(1), 1982 Self-Portrait(2), 1982
Self-Portrait(3), 1982 Self-Portrait (No.16), 1982 Self-Portrait (No.18), 1983
Self-Portrait (No.20), 1983 Self-Portrait The Vermonter
Self Portrait Drinking Self Portrait Face Self Portrait Smoking
Self-Portrait(1) Michigan Summer Days Near Eromsoe, Norway
View from Hotel Window, Prinsenstraat Amsterdam, Holland

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