Isaac Timeline

Isaac Timeline in Biblical History

~1952 BC God tells Abraham that Sarah will bear him a child. Abraham, being ninety-nine years old, laughed at this, but God instructs him that the child shall be called Isaac. – Genesis 17:15-19
  Sarah laughs at what God told Abraham and wonders how she will bear a child at ninety years old. – Genesis 18:11-12
  God asks Abraham why Sarah laughed, and Sarah denies that she laughed. – Genesis 18:13-15
~1951 BC Sarah gives birth to a son and, following God’s orders, Abraham names him Isaac, which means “he laughs,” in keeping with his parents’ reaction to the prophecy. – Genesis 21:1-3
  Isaac is circumcised at eight days old, in observance of God’s commandment. – Genesis 21:4
~1949 BC Isaac is weaned at two years old and Abraham holds a great feast. Sarah sees that Ishmael, Abraham’s son by Sarah’s maidservant, Hagar, is threatening the life of Isaac. Sarah tells Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away. – Genesis 21:8-10
  God tells Abraham to listen to Sarah and send Hagar and Ishmael away. – Genesis: 21:11-13
~1914 BC God commands Abraham to take Isaac to Moriah and offer him as a burnt offering on one of the mountains. Abraham follows God’s instructions. – Genesis 22: 1-2
  Abraham binds Isaac and raises the knife to kill his son when the angel of the Lord stops him. Abraham passes the test of faith. – Genesis 22:9-12
  Abraham sacrifices a ram instead of his son. – Genesis 22:13
~1911 BC Sarah dies at 127 years old. Abraham lays her to rest in a cave in Machpelah in Canaan. – Genesis 23:1-20
  Abraham arranges for Isaac to be married to Rebecca, a granddaughter of Abraham’s brother-in-law, Laban. – Genesis 24:1-9
  At age forty, Isaac marries Rebecca, according to Abraham’s instructions. – Genesis 24:67
~1892 BC Isaac prays to God for Rebecca to become pregnant. – Genesis 25:21
~1891 BC Rebecca gives birth to twins, Esau, the first-born, and Jacob. – Genesis 25:24-26
  Isaac prefers Esau, who grew up to be a rugged hunter, while Sarah prefers Jacob, who was the more thoughtful of the two. – Genesis 25:27-28
  Jacob buys Esau’s birthright with bread and lentil stew. – Genesis 25:29-34
  Isaac flees to Gerar to avoid the famine. He plants crops and soon becomes very wealthy and envied by the people of Gerar. Eventually, King Abimelek asks him to leave. – Genesis 26:12-16
  Isaac moves out and settles in the Valley of Gerar. – Genesis 26:17
~1887 BC Through Rebecca’s trickery, Jacob obtains Isaac’s blessings, which were intended for Esau. – Genesis 27:1-19
  Esau learns of the trickery and plans to kill Jacob. – Genesis 27:36-41
  Rebecca learns of Esau’s dark plans and sends Jacob to Mesopotamia, under the care of her brother, Laban. – Genesis 27:42-45
  Esau forgives Jacob, and embraces and kisses him. – Genesis 33:1-11
~1771 BC Isaac dies at 180 years old. Esau and Jacob lay him to rest. – Genesis 35:27-29