Insula Dulcamara

Insula Dulcamara
Artist Paul Klee
Year 1938
Medium Oil
Location Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, Switzerland
Dimensions 34.6 x 69.3 in
88 x 176 cm
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Insula Dulcamara, 1938
Dream City, 1921
Complete Works

Paul Klee started painting Insula Dulcamara in 1921, but he did not finish until 1938. It’s an abstract art style painting that was created with oil. Instead of canvas, Klee used printed newspaper on top of burlap as his foundation. In addition to oil he also use colored paste. It’s currently in the Zentrum Paul Klee gallery.


Insula Dulcamara is the largest painting created by Klee. It was renamed from Insel der Kalypso to accommodate the statement Klee wanted to make.


Klee used symbols, lines, colors and different shapes to create this painting. The colors include: pink, red, green, blue, brown and black. The symbols and signs that are used came from Klee’s unconscious to create a dream-like painting. One long black line stretches from the left side to the right. All around it are symbols painted on top of blotches of light colors. Some symbols look as though they are Egyptian, while others are simple dots.