Honoré Daumier Artwork

Honoré Daumier (February 26, 1808 – February 10, 1879) was a French sculptor, painter, caricaturist, and printmaker. His works often reflected on 19th century political and social life in France. Learn more »

Artwork by Honoré Daumier in Chronological Order

Sunday, 1822 Gargantua, 1831 Alexander Simon Pataille, MP, 1832
Alexandre Lecomte, Magistrate, 1832 Charles Guillaume Etienne, 1832 Clément-François-Victor-Gabriel Prunelle (1774-1853), Doctor, Major of Lyon and Deputy, c.1832
Count Antoine-Maurice-Apollinaire d’Argout (1782-1858), Minister and Peer of France, 1832 Count Horace François Sebastiani, General and Politician, 1832 Jean Charles Persil, Magistrate and Deputy, 1832
Joachim-Antoine-Joseph Gaudry, Magistrate, 1832 Pierre-Paul Rover Collard, Deputy, 1832 Baron Jacques-Antoine-Adrien Delort (1773-1846), General and Deputy, 1833
Charles Philipon (1800-1861), Journalist and Director of the Magazines Caricature and Charivari, c.1833 Charles-Léonard Gallois (1774-1851), Publicist and Historian, Republican, c.1833 François-Pierre-Guillaume Guizot (1787-1874), Deputy, Minister and Historian, 1832-1833
Jacques Lefévre (1777-1856), Banker and Deputy, 1833 Jean-Auguste Chevandier de Valdrome (1781-1878), Deputy and Peer of France, 1833 Jean-Marie Harle, Harle father (1765-1838), Deputy, 1833
Mr. Joliv (Adolphe Joliv), 1833 Modern Galilee. And Nevertheless It Moves, 1834 Remembrances of St. Pelagie. (Souvenir de ste Pélagie), 1834
The Legislative Belly, 1834 Transnonain Street, 1834 Mr. Daumier, Your Series… Is… Charming…, 1838
Poet Composing a Classical Eclogue on the Quiet Country Life, 1840 Penelopa’s Dream, 1842 Pygmalion, 1842
Rue Pierre Lescot, The Streets of Paris under Louis Lurin, 1844 The Beggars, c.1845 The Widow at a Consultation, c.1846
The Nocturnal Travellers, c.1842-c.1847 Adolphe Cremieux (Mr Cremieux seeking an apartment), 1848 B. Sarrans Young, 1848
Grand Staircase of the Palace of Justice, 1848 The Conclusion of a Speech à la Demosthene, 1848 The Emigrants, 1848
The Kiss, c.1845-c.1848 Woman and Child on a Bridge, c.1845-c.1848 Drouin de l’Huys, 1849
Duvergier de Hauranne, 1849 Garnier Pagès, 1849 J.F.P. Denjoy, 1849
Jean-Louis Greppo, 1849 Jean-Marie-Joseph Deville, 1849 Laboulie, 1849
Léon Faucher, 1849 Lherbette, 1849 Marie-Michel Altaroche, 1849
Odilon Barrot, 1849 Pagnerre, 1849 Volouski, 1849
Arrival of the Special Commissioner in Alsace Coco Romieu, 1850 Montalembert, 1850 Thiers, 1850
Wandering Saltimbanques, c.1847-c.1850 Odilon Barrot, 1851 Project to raise a statue to Odilon Nimrod, 1851
Ratapoil, 1851 Dr. Veron, 1852 Dr. Veron, 1852
Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, c.1849-c.1852 St. Magdalene in the Desert, c.1848-c.1852 Véron, 1852
On the Shore, c.1849-c.1853 The Burden (The Laundress), 1850-1853 Bust of a Woman, c.1850-c.1855
Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa Having a Rest under a Tree, c.1855 , YEAR Jacques Babinet, 1857 The Insurrection, c.1852-c.1858
Advice to a Young Artist, 1860 Hector Berlioz, 1860 Passers By, c.1858-c.1860
The engraving of Amateurs, c.1857-c.1860 The Thieves and the Donkey, 1858-1860 The Laundress, c.1860-c.1861
A Wagon of the Third Class, 1862 Head of Pasquin, 1862-1863 A Wagon of the Third Class, c.1862-c.1864
In the Omnibus, 1864 Crispin and Scapin, c.1863-c.1865 Defense Attorney, c.1862-c.1865
The Defender, c.1862-c.1865 The Etching Amateur, c.1863-c.1865 The Soup, c.1862-c.1865
And these two major debris consoled them, 1866 I definitely like him, 1866 Chess-Players, c.1863-c.1867
Don Quixote, Sancho Pansa and the Dead Mule, 1867 Lunch in the Country, 1868 Emile Ollivier, 1869
Emile Ollivier, 1869 Emmanuel Arago, 1869 Glais Bizoin, 1869
Cuckoo! He’s back, 1870 Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa, c.1865-c.1870 Don Quixote Reading, c.1865-c.1870
Thiers, 1870 Thiers. The Prompter, 1870 The Capitulation of Sedan, 1870
Rouher. I can never wash all this (dirty linen of the Empire), 1872 Two Sculptors, 1870-1873 Adolphe Cremieux
Alexandre Bixio Babinet Deciding to Go off the Sun Billiard Players (The Drinker)
Camille Desmoulins in the Palais Royal Clytemnestra pushed by Mimi Veron (Rachel) Comedy scene (scene from Molière)
Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa Don Quixote and Sancho Panza going to the wedding Gamaches Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in the Mountains
Emmanuel Arago Exit of the Turkish school Fighting Bricklayer
Emmanuel Arago Exit of the Turkish school Fighting Bricklayer
General Changarnier Head of a Young Woman, Leaning Three-quarters Right Henri Monnier
Hercule forain It’s true you have lost your case… but you should have gotten a lot of pleasure hearing me plead [your case Joyful Song Performed by M. Cobden
Léon Faucher Louis-Joseph Buffet Lovers of prints
Mathieu de la Drôme (Sketch Winter) Meeting of thirty-five heads of expression Menelas the Victor
Mmrs Cobden, Bright and Sturges Had Nothing to do in Europe, Sailed to Go Pacify Montalembert Pierre-Jules Baroche
Portrait of a girl A Sleeve-board Street Scene. Two Characters in the Back of a Car Service Study for the Parade
The Amateur of Engravings The carnival parade The Imaginary Invalid
The Rescue The Riot or Scene of Revolution, or Destruction of Sodome The Two Doctors and Death
Theater There is nothing like that for the common cold, it is worth gold Thiers
Two Lawyers the Handshake Two men looking at mid body to the left Unknown, Alfred Pierre, Count de Falloux
Unknown, Charles Louis Huguet, Marquis de Semonville, Magistrate and Deputy Victor Hugo Zounds, Catherine

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