Hiroshige Paintings

Hiroshige (1797 – 1858) was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist during the Edo period. He was inspired by the artist Hokusai, though Hiroshige’s work is considered to be a bit softer and delicate in style. His most famous series is most likely the Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō (1833–1834) woodblock prints which document his travels along the Tōkaidō Road. These prints feature elegant scenes of nature. Many of Hiroshige’s works influenced European artists, including Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh, the latter of which actually painted master studies of his works in oils.

Paintings by Hiroshige in Chronological Order:

In circle, figure piece, (Outdoor), 1821 Alighting geese at Massaki, 1820-1825 The poet Ariwara No Narihira, c.1830
Crane and Wave, c.1830 Evening Shower at Nihonbashi Bridge, c.1832 Four Swallows, 1832
Hodogaya, Shinkame Bashi, Station 5, 1834 Sakanoshita: the Throwing Away the Brush Peak, c.1834 White Rain, Shono, 1833-1834
Crane in Waves, 1833-1835 Oiso: Toraga Ame Shower, 1834-1835 Plum Blossom and Bush Warbler, 1833-1838
Small Bird on a Branch of Kaidozakura, 1833-1838 Sparrows and Camellias in the Snow, 1830-1838 Two Mandarin Ducks, 1830-1838
Evening Snow on the Asuka Mountain, 1830-1841 Cherry blossom Time, People Picknicking at Gotenyama, 1836-1843 Snow Dawn at Susaki, 1836-1843
Camellia and Bush Warbler, 1840-1844 Crayfish and two shrimps, 1835-1845 Hibiscus, c.1845
Small Bird on a Branch of Kaidozakura, 1844-1848 Moon, Swallows and Peach Blossoms, 1850 The road connecting Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto, 1850
The road connecting Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto, 1850 The road connecting Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto, 1850 Untitled (Two Rabbits, Pampas Grass, and Full Moon), 1849-1851
Yellow bird and cotton rose, 1852 Autumn flowers in front of full moon, 1853 Iris, 1856
Moonlight View of Tsukuda with Lady on a Balcony, 1850-1856 Sudden Shower over Shin-Ohashi Bridge at Atake, 1856 Eagle Over 100,000 Acre Plain at Susaki, Fukagawa (Juman-tsubo), 1857
Komokata Hall and Azuma Bridge, 1857 Ama No Hashidate in Tango Province, 1852-1858 Drum Bridge and Setting Sun Hill, Meguro, c.1858
Folio From the Upright Gojusan Tsuji Tokaido, 1852-1858 Itsukushima in Aki Province, 1852-1858 Kyobashi Bridge, 1856-1858
Yugasan in Bizan Province, 1858 A bridge across a deep gorge A shrine among trees on a moor
A snowy gorge A vision of Shitamachi Amanohashidate Peninsula in Tango Province
Ashida Bay at Kominato in Awa Province Benzaiten Shrine at Inokashira in Snow
Cherry Tree Chrysanthemums Descending Geese, Katata
Evening Snow on Mount Hira Evening view of a temple in the hills First Cuckoo of the Year at Tsukudajima
Grey mullet and camellia Hakone Kosuizu Hydrangea and Kingfisher
Japanese triptych print showing Japanese and foreign people walking along the Sumida River among cherry trees in full bloom Kameyama Katsuwonus pelamis
Kinryuzan Temple at Asakusa Kuwana Mariko Mabutsu Chaya
Matsushima in Oshu Province Miyanokoshi Mount Fuji seen across the water
Mountains in the snow Night Rain on Karasaki Otori Shrine
Pilgrimage to the Cave Shrine of Benzaiten Prune Orchard Sun Rabbits Under Moon
Reeds in the Snow with a Wild Duck Ronin Enter Sengakuji Temple to Pay Homage to Their Lord, Enya Seba
Seki: Early Departure from the Daimyos Inn Shrines in snowy mountains Temple complex on an island and ferries on a river
The Inari Shrine at Oji The Miya Station The moon over a waterfall
The Pine Grove at Mio in Suruga Province The station Ejiri Travellers on a Mountain path at night
Tsuchi-yama Two men on a sloping road in the rain View of Fuji
Whirlpools on a rocky coast Wind Blown Grass Across the Moon