Hilma af Klint Paintings

Hilma af Klint (1862–1944) was a Swedish artist who is most well known for her abstract paintings which were inspired by her Spiritism and Theosophy. She received classical art training at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Her early works include botanical illustrations as well as landscapes and portraiture. Af Klint began creating abstract works long before famous abstract artists such as Kandinsky and Mondrian. Her abstract paintings explored spirituality, cycles of life, spirals, geometry, and color theory. Af Klint kept her collection of abstract paintings hidden from the public and it is a fairly recent discovery that she was the first western artist to create paintings that were purely abstract.

Paintings by Hilma af Klint in Chronological Order:

Chaos, Nr. 2, 1906 They tens mainstay IV, 1907 The Ten Largest, 1907
De tio största, n° 2 Barnaaldern, 1907 De Tio Största, n°10 Alderdomen, 1907 What a Human Being Is, c.1910
Svanen, 1914 The Swan (No. 17), 1914-1915 Altar Painting, 1915
The Dove, Nr. 12, 1915 The Swan (No. 16), 1914-1915 Forwards, Parcifal Series, Group 2, Section 4: The Convolute of the Physical Plane, 1916
Atom Series, No. 8: Atom on the ether plane is in constant change between rest and activity. At the rest it pulls itself inwards. This affects the earthly atom as giving of force., 1917 The Mahatmas Present Standing Point, Series II, No. 2a, 1920 Series VII, No. 7d, 1920
Series No. VII, No. 3f, 1920 Wheat and Wormwood, 1922 Untitled
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled Untitled