Henri Rousseau Paintings

Henri Rousseau was a French painter born in May 21, 1844. As a self-taught painter, Henri Rousseau was completely untrained in any conventional art techniques. Although the community of artists laughed and ridiculed his artistic style, he was highly regarded by artists who were outside the establishment, such as people with the Surrealist painting style. He was unaware that he was considered untrained by established painters, and believed himself to be a great realist painter. As such, he regarded himself very highly, and in his opinion, Picasso and he were the only two great living artists. He may have been ridiculed during his lifetime, but he is now considered a self-trained genius, who created works of high artistic quality. Learn more ยป

Paintings by Henri Rousseau in Chronological Order

Landscape with Bridge, 1875-1877 Wagon in Front of the Mill, 1879 Carnival Evening, 1885-1886
Landscape, 1885-1886 Landscape with cow, c.1886 Rendez Vous in the Forest, 1886
A View of the Ile Saint Louis from Port Saint Nicolas Evening, c.1888 Portrait of Jules Roc, 1890 Self Portrait from L’ile Saint Louis, 1890
The Toll House, 1886-1890 The Walk in the Forest, 1890 View of Bottom and MeudonBillancourt, 1890
Portrait of Pierre Loti, c.1891 Tiger in a Tropical Storm (Surprised!), 1891 Centennial of Independence, 1892
Marshal des Logis Frumence Biche of the 35th Artillery, c.1893 The Artillerymen, 1891 The Dam, 1891-1893
War or the Ride of Discord, 1894 Boy on the Rocks, 1895 Family Fishing, 1895
Footbridge at Passy, 1895 Portrait of a Woman, c.1895 Portrait of a Woman, 1895
The Bievre at Gentilly, 1895 View of Parc de Montsouris, 1894-1895 Landscape with Farmer, 1896
Suburban Scene, 1896 The Mill, c.1896 The Tiger Hunt, 1896
View of the Outskirts of Paris, 1896 Cliffs, c.1897 The chair factory at Alfortville, c.1897
The chair factory at Alfortville, c.1897 The Sleeping Gypsy, 1897 Avenue de l’Observatoire, 1896-1898
Portrait of Monsieur S, 1898 The Eiffel Tower, c.1898 The Poultry Yard, 1896-1898
The storm tossed vessel, c.1899 Ile de la Cite, 1890-1900 Self portrait, 1900
Corner of the Plateau of Bellevue, 1901-1902 House on the Outskirts of Paris, 1902 Child with a Puppet, c.1903
Portrait of Josephine the artist’s second wife, 1900 View of Malakoff Hauts de Seine, 1903 Scout Attacked by a Tiger, 1904
A Lion Devouring its Prey, 1905 Portrait of a Man, 1905 Portrait of A Woman, 1905
Self Portrait, c.1905 The Artist Painting his Wife, 1900-1905 The Banks of the Oise, 1905
The girl with a doll, c.1904-1905 The Hungry Lion Throws Itself on the Antelope, 1905 the Mill at Alfor, 1904-1905
The wedding party, c.1905 Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest, 1905 Landscape with Factory, 1896-1906
Liberty Inviting Artists to Take Part in the 22nd Exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists, 1905-1906 View of the Banks of the Oise, 1905-1906 Arab horsemen near the mausoleum, 1907
The Repast of the Lion, c.1907 The Flamingoes, 1907 The Representatives of Foreign Powers Coming to Salute the Republic as a Sign of Peace, 1907
The Snake Charmer, 1907 Woman in Red in the Forest, c.1907 Alleyway in the Park of Saint Cloud, 1908
Exotic Landscape, 1908 Old Man Junier’s Trap, 1908 Promeneurs dans un Parc, 1908
Rabbit, 1908 The Fishermen and the Biplane, 1908 The Football players, 1908
Tropical Forest: Battling Tiger and Buffalo, 1908 View of the Bridge at Sevres and the Hills at Clamart St. Cloud and Bellevue, 1908 Village near a Factory, 1907-1908
Bouquet of Flowers, 1908 Bouquet of Flowers with an Ivy Branch, 1908 Landscape on the Banks of the Bievre at Becetre, 1908-1909
Mandrill in the Jungle, 1909 Notre Dame View of the Ile Saint Louis from the Quai Henri IV, 1909 Portrait of Joseph Brummer, 1909
The Equatorial Jungle, 1909 The Monkeys in the Jungle, 1909 The Monument to Chopin in the Luxembourg Gardens, 1909
The Muse Inspiring the Poet, 1908-1909 View of Saint Cloud, 1909 View of the Ile Saint Louis from the Quai Henri IV Study, 1909
View of the Palais du Metropolitan, 1909 Walking in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, 1908-1909 Bouquet of Flowers, 1910
Exotic Landscape, 2010 In the Fields, 2010 Jaguar Attacking a Horse, 2010
Jungle with Lion, 1904-1910 Landscape in Montsouris Park with five figures, 1910 Negro Attacked by a Jaguar, 1910
Seine and Eiffel tower in the sunset, 1910 The Pink Candle, 1909-1910 The Waterfall, 1910
Tropical Forest with Apes and Snake, 1910 Apes in the Orange Grove Bathing at Alfortville
Kasbah Monastery Landscape with Monkeys Henri Rousseau as Orchestra Conductor
The Lion Hunter Park with Figures Portrait du pere del`artiste
Sevres Bridge The Quarry The Tabby
Vase of Flowers View of the Fortifications Still life with teapot and fruit