Henri Fantin-Latour Paintings

Henri Fantin-Latour (1836-1904) was a French academic painter who is best known for his floral paintings and group portraits. When he was young, his father gave him drawing lessons and, when he was older, he studied with Lecoq de Boisbaudran. He was closely associated with the artists Whistler and Manet, both of whom went on to become Impressionists, however, Fantin-Latour always remained faithful to his academic training.

Paintings by Henri Fantin-Latour in Chronological Order:

Bowl of Fruit, 1857 Self Portrait, 1858 Self portrait, 1859
The Two Sisters, 1859 Bouquet of Flowers, 1860 Self Portrait, 1860
Self Portrait, 1861 Self Portrait, 1861 The Reader (Marie Fantin Latour, the Artist’s Sister), 1861
Flowers, 1862 Flowers Camelias and Tulips, 1862 The Muse (Richard Wagner), 1862
Diverse Flowers, 1864 Homage to Delacroix, 1864 Peonies in a Vase, 1864
Scene from Tannhäuser, 1864 - Henri Fantin-Latour
Portrait of Ruth Edwards, 1861-1864 Scene from Tannhäuser, 1864 Still Life With Flowers, 1864
A Carafe of Wine and Plate of Fruit on a White Tablecloth, 1865 Flowers and Fruit, 1865 Flowers and Fruit, a Melon, 1865
Lemons, Apples and Tulips, 1865 Still Life Hyacinths and Fruit, 1865 Still life. Flowers, Bowl of Fruit and Pitcher, 1865
White Roses and Cherries, 1865 Still Life, 1866 Still Life With Flowers And Fruit, 1866
Madame Ditte, 1867 Mademoiselle de Fitz James, 1867 Marie Yolande de Fitz James, 1867
Portrait of Édouard Manet, 1867 Asters and Fruit on a Table, 1868 Bouquet of White Chrysanthemums, 1869
The Bethrothal Still Life, 1869 A Studio in the Batignolles (Homage to Manet), 1870 Head of a Young Girl, 1870
Still Life of Cherries and Almonds, 1870 Chrysanthemums, 1871 Flowers, 1871
Flowers, White Roses, 1871, YEAR Still Life Glass, Silver Goblet and Cup of Champagn, 1871 Still Life with Flowers, c.1871
Daisies, 1872 Lilacs, 1872 Still Life Chrysanthemums and Grapes, 1872
The Corner of the Table, 1872 Vase of Roses, 1872 Portrait of young woman, 1873
Still Life, Corner of a Table, 1873 White Roses, 1873 Yellow Flowers (also known as Coucous), 1873
Carnations in a Champagne Glass, 1874 Fairy Roses, 1874 Still Life With Pansies, 1874
Still Life with Torso and Flowers, 1874 Narcisses in an Opaline Glass Vase, 1875 Rose Trees White Roses, 1875
The Three Rhine Maidens, 1876 White Roses, Chrysanthemums in a Vase, Peaches and Grapes on a Table with a White Tablecloth, 1876 Reading, 1877
Bouquet of Peonies, 1878 Still Life Roses and Fruit, 1878 The Dubourg Family, 1878
Vase of Peonies and Snowballs, 1878 Vase with Apples and Foliage, 1878 Drawing lesson in the workshop, 1879
Flowers Large Bouquet with Three Peonies, 1879 Peonies, 1879 White Peonies and Roses, Narcissus, 1879
Wildflowers, 1879 Basket of Roses, 1880 Nasturtiums, 1880
Still life with peaches, 1880 Summer Flowers, 1880 Bouquet of Diverse Flowers, 1881
Jonquils and Nasturtiums, 1881 Petunias, 1881 Still Life with Flowers, 1881
Vase of Peonies, 1881 Charlotte Dubourg, 1882 Portrait of Madame Léon Maître, c.1882
Roses, 1882 Flowers in an Earthenware Vase, 1883 Flowers Roses Marechal Neil, 1883
Roses, 1883 Roses and Nasturtiums in a Vase, 1883 Bouquet of Peonies and Iris, 1884
Japanese Anemones, 1884 Around the piano, 1885 Roses, 1885
A Large Bouquet of Roses, 1886 Flowers in a Bowl, 1886 Roses, 1886
The Rosy Wealth of June, 1886 Adolphe Jullien, 1887 Pansies, 1887
Apples in a Basket on a Table, 1888 Geraniums, 1888 Larkspur, 1888
Roses and Lilies, 1888 Bouquet of Roses and Other Flowers, 1889 Chrysanthemums, 1889
Immortality, 1889 A Basket of Roses, 1890 Portrait of Sonia, 1890
Dark roses on light background, 1891 Hollyhocks, 1892 To Robert Schumann, c.1893
Bouquet of Flowers, 1894 Peaches in a Bowl, 1894 Basket of White Grapes and Peaches, 1895
Self Portrait, 1895 The Embroiderers, 1895 Carnations, 1899
Bouquet of Roses, 1902 Vase of Peonies, 1902 Pansies, 1903
White Carnations, 1904 Autumn Basket of Dahlias
Carnations Flowers Nasturtiums
not identified Roses Roses
Roses Lying on Gold Velvet Still Life Fisheries in a glass cup a dark pink with leaf right Still Life Impatiens, Peaches and Apricots
Still Life with a Carafe Flowers and Fruit Study Homage to Delacroix Sweet Peas in a Vase
The Birth of Christ White Phlox Summer Chrysanthemum and Larkspur White Roses and Roses in a Footed Glass