Henri-Edmond Cross Paintings

Henri-Edmond Cross, born Henri-Edmond-Joseph Delacroix, (May 20, 1856 – May 16, 1910) was a French printmaker and painter. In 1884 Cross helped to create the Society of Independent Artists in France. This society was made up of artists who broke away from the Salon, which turned them away for painting in the new impressionist style. Through this society Cross was exposed to Neo-Impressionists and their influence slowly began to inspire him to use brighter colors and to further separate himself from the sole use of realism within his work. His paintings later inspired the modern art movement of Fauvism.

Paintings by Henri-Edmond Cross in Chronological Order

Self-Portrait with Cigarette, 1880 Corner of the Garden in Monaco, 1884 Peasant Woman Stretched out on the Grass, 1890
Women Tying the Vine, 1890 Beach on the Mediterranian, 1891 Coast Near Antibes, 1891
Mme. Hector France, nee Irma Clare and Later, 1891 Plage de la Vignassa, 1891-1892 Study for The Grape Pickers, 1892
Study for The Grape Pickers, c.1892 The Hair, c.1892 The Iles d’Or (The Iles d’Hyeres, Var), c.1891-c.1892
The Farm, Evening, 1893 The Farm, Morning, 1893 The Evening Air, 1893-1894
The Excursionists, 1894 Antibes, Morning, c.1892-c.1895 Bathers, 1892-1895
By the Mediterranean, 1895 Fisherman, 1895 Landscape with Goats, 1895
Regatta, 1895 Coastal View with Cypress Trees, 1896 The Pink Cloud, 1896
The Return of the Fisherman, 1896 The Washerwoman, 1895-1896 Landscape, the Little Maresque Mountains, 1896-1898
Provence Landscape, 1898 Cabasson Landscape (study), 1896-1899 Landscape, c.1896-c.1899
Ranelagh, 1899 The Blue Boat, 1899 The Wreck, 1899
Family of Swans, c.1899-c.1900 Provence Landscape, 1900 A Garden in Provence, 1901
Portrait of Madame Cross, 1901 The Flowered Column, 1901 Rocks at Trayas, 1902
The Beach, Evening, 1902 The Mediterranean, East Wind, 1902 View of Menton, 1899-1902
La Dogana, 1903 La Donana, Venice, 1903 Siesta by the Water, 1903
The Choppy Sea, 1902-1903 Venetian Canal, 1903 Canal de la Guidecca, Venice, 1904
Cape Layet, Provence, 1904 Cypress, April, 1904 Cypresses, 1904
Flowers in a Glass, c.1904 Rio San Trovaso, Venice, 1903-1904 San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, 1903-1904
Still Life with Bottle of Wind, c.1904 Sunset on the Lagoon, Venice, c.1903-c.1904 A Pine Tree, c.1905
A Venetian Canal, 1903-1905 Ponte San Trovaso, 1902-1905 Sailboats near Chicago, 1903-1905
The Flowered Terrace, 1905 The Pink House, 1901-1905 Venice, Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, c.1903-c.1905
A Pine Wood, Provence, 1906 Bathers, 1906 Study for The Clearing, 1906
The Bay of Cavaliere (study), 1906 The Maures, c.1906 Afternoon at Pardigon, Var, 1907
Bathers, c.1906-c.1907 Chaine des Maures, 1906-1907 La Plage de Saint-Clair, 1906-1907
The Shipwreck, 1906-1907 The Undergrowth, 1906-1907 Toulon, Winter Morning, 1906-1907
Trees by the Sea, 1906-1907 Under the Pines, c.1906-c.1907 An Incoming Storm, 1907-1908
Antibes, 1908 Antibes, Afternoon, 1908 Landscape with Stars, 1905-1908
River in Saint-Clair, 1908 Saint-Clair Landscape, YEAR The Cypresses at Cagnes, 1908
Landscape, 1909 Landscape, c.1908-c.1909 Les Petits, Montagnes Mauresques, 1909
Pines by the Sea, 1909 The Port of Marseilles, c.1909 View of the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, near Assisi, 1909
Woman in the Park, 1909 Around My House Barges
Beach at Cabasson Boats Boats in the Port of St. Tropez
Coastal Landscape Excursion Flowers
In the Luxembourg Gardens Land by the Sea Landscape
Landscape Landscape with Sunset Lavender
Pines by the Sea Sailboats Shepherd and Sheep
Study for ‘In the Woods with Female Nude Sunset The Bay of Cavalieri
The Canal near St. Tropez The Fourth of July by the Sea The Grape Harvest
The Mediterranean Coast The Seine by the Trocadero The Viaduct
Untitled Woded Landscape

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