Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Paintings

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (November 24, 1864 – September 9, 1901) was a French illustrator, painter, draughtsman, and printmaker whose immersion in the theatrical and vibrant life of late 1800s Paris yielded a collection of elegant, exciting, and provocative portrayal of the fantastic life of those times. Toulouse-Lautrec is regarded as one of the greatest painters of the Post-Impressionist period. Learn more »

Paintings by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in Chronological Order

Madame Juliette Pascal, 1871 Artilleryman Saddling His Horse, 1879 Assembly of Hunters, 1878-1879
Horse and Rider with a Little Dog, 1879 C leyran View of the Vignards, 1880 Dog Car, 1880
Fishing Boat, 1880 Hunting, 1879-1880 Nice, on the Promenade des Anglais, 1880
The Dog (Sketch of Touc), c.1880 Count Alphonse de Toulouse Lautrec driving a four horse hitch, 1881 Crew at Bosc, 1881
Cuirassier, 1881 Dun, a Gordon Setter Belonging to Comte Alphonse de Toulouse Lautrec, 1881 Horse Fighting His Groom, 1881
Margot, 1881 Princeteau in His Studio, 1881 Souvenir of Auteuil, 1881
Tethered Horse, c.1881 The Falconer, Comte Alphonse de Toulouse Lautrec, 1881 White Horse “Gazelle”, 1881
Two Bulls Wearing a Yoke, 1881 A Laborer at Celeyran, 1882 A Worker at Celeyran, 1882
Bouquet of Violets in a Vase, 1882 Bust of a Nude Man, c.1882 Jockeys, 1882
Madame la Comtesse A. de Toulouse Loutrec, 1881-1882 Master of the Hunt, c.1882 Old Man at Celeyran, 1882
Party in the Country, 1882 Portrait of a Child, 1882 Portrait of Madame la Comtesse Adèle de Toulouse Lautrec, c.1882
Prick and Woodman, 1882 Princeteau in His Studio, 1881-1882 The General at the River, 1881-1882
The Young Routy Céleyran, 1882 Woman in Prayer, 1882 Young Routy, 1882
Academic Study Nude, c.1883 Allegory Springtime of Life, 1883 Gustave Lucien Dennery, 1883
Man’s Head, 1883 René Princeteau, 1883 Self-portrait in front of a mirror, 1882-1883
The artist’s mother, the Countess Adèle de Toulouse Lautrec at breakfast, 1881-1883 Coffee Pot, c.1884 Ballet Dancers, 1885
Emile Bernard, 1885 The Dancer in Her Dressing Room, 1885 Artillerman and Girl, c.1886
At Gennelle, Absinthe Drinker, 1886 Clown, 1886 Jeanne Wenz, 1886
Portrait of Countess A. de Toulouse Lautrec, c.1886 At Montrouge ( Rosa la Rouge), 1886-1887 Comtesse, 1887
Madame Aline Gibert, 1887 Portrait of Vincent van Gogh, 1887 Rice Powder, 1887
A l Elysee Montmartre, 1888 At the Circus Fernando, the rider, 1888 At the Cirque Fernando Rider on a White Horse, 1888
First Comunion, 1888 Horsemen Riding in the Bois de Boulogne, 1888 In Batignolles…, 1888
Lili Grenier in a Kimono, 1888 Little Dog, 1888 Madame Lili Grenier, 1888
Study of a Dancer, 1888 The Coastal bus company, 1888 The Laundry Worker, 1888
The Redhead with a White Blouse, 1888 The Spanish Dancer, 1888 A Ball at the Moulin de la Galette, 1889
At La Bastille (Portrait of Jeanne Wenz), 1889 Ball at the Moulin de la Galette, 1889 Emile Davoust, 1889
Girl with lovelock, 1889 Hangover, 1889 Helene Vary, 1889
Portrait of M. Samary, 1889 Red Haired Woman Seated in the Garden of M. Forest, 1889 The actor Henry Samary, 1889
The Box, 1889 The Painter s Model Helene Vary in the Studio, 1889 Woman at Her Toilette, 1889
At the Moulin Rouge, The Dance, 1890 Dancer Adjusting Her Tights, 1890 Desire Dehau Reading a Newspaper in the Garden, 1890
Gabrielle the Dancer, 1890 House wife, 1880-1890 In Moulin Rouge, 1890
Mademoiselle Dihau at the Piano, 1890 Portrait of Miss May Belfort, 1880-1890 Seated Dancer in Pink Tights, 1890
Seated Woman in the Garden of Mr. Forest Justine Dieuhl, 1890 Standing Dancer, 1890 The Policeman s Daughter, 1890
Woman in a Black Hat, Berthe la Sourde, 1890 At the Moulin de la Galette, 1891 At the Nouveau Cirque the Dancer and Five Stuffed Shirts, 1891
Girl in a Fur, Mademoiselle Jeanne Fontaine, 1891 Henri Dihau, 1891 Monsieur Louis Pascal, 1891
Portrait of Georges Henri Manuel, 1891 Portrait of M. Paul Sescau (Portrait de M. Paul Sescau), c.1891 The Greens (Seated Woman in a Garden), 1891
The Last Crunbs, 1891 The Streetwalker (also known as Casque d Or), 1890-1891 The Toilet Ms. Fabre, 1891
Two Women Making the Bed, 1891 Woman in Monsieur Forest s Garden, 1891 Woman in the Garden, 1891
Woman with Gloves (Honorine Platzer), 1891 At the Moulin Rouge, La Goulue with Her Sister, 1892 At the Music Hall Loie Fuller, 1892
Ballet de Papa Chrysanth me, 1892 Corner in the Moulin de la Galette, 1892 In Bed, 1892
In Bed The Kiss, 1892 Jane Avril, 1892 Jane Avril Dancing, 1891-1892
Jane Avril Dancing, 1892 Jane Avril enter the Moulin Rouge, 1892 La Goulue Arriving at the Moulin Rouge with Two Women, 1892
Les Ambassadeurs Aristide Bruant and His Cabaret, 1892 Louis Pascal, 1892 Moulin Rouge The departure of the quadrille, 1892
Portrait of a Woman of the House on the Rue d Amboise, 1892 Reine de Joie, 1892 The Ballet Papa Chrysanthemem, 1892
The Englishman at the Moulin Rouge, 1892 Woman with a Black Boa, 1892 A Day Out, 1893
At the Foot of the Scaffold, 1893 At the Opera Ball, 1893 Cadieux, 1893
Coverage of the Original Print, 1893 Divan Japonais, 1892-1893 Henri Gabriel Ibels, 1893
In bed, 1893 Jane Avril, 1893 Jane Avril, 1893
Jane Avril Dancing, 1893 Jane Avril leaving the Moulin Rouge, 1893 Jane Avril Seen from the Back, 1893
La Macarona in Riding Habit, 1893 Lo e Fuller in, 1893 M. Delaporte at the Jardin de Paris, 1893
M. Praince, 1893 Miss Loie Fuller, c.1893 Monsieur Boileau, 1893
Monsieur Louis Pascal from the Rear, 1893 Portrait of Madame de Gortzikolff, 1893 The Ambassadors, People Chics, 1893
The Box with the Guilded Mask, 1893 The Card Players, 1893 The Cartwheel, 1893
The Divan, 1893 The Haido, 1893 The Kiss, 1892-1893
The Madame Redoing Her Bun, 1893 The Theater Box with the Gilded Mask, 1893 The Pierreuse Gabrielle, 1893
Yvette Guilbert, 1893 Yvette Guilbert, 1893 Alfred la Guigne, 1894
Brothel on the Rue des Moulins Rolande, 1894 Confetti, 1894 Confetti, 1894
Indian Decor, 1894 La Goulue and Paul Lescau, 1894 Monsieur, Madame and the Dog (Coupled brothel keepers), c.1894
Portrait of Marcelle, 1893-1894 Prostitutes Around a Dinner Table, 1893-1894 The Flower Seller, 1894
The Laundryman Calling at the Brothal, 1894 The Salon de la Rue des Moulins, 1894 The Tatooed Woman, 1894
The Two Friends, 1894 Two Half Naked Women Seen from Behind in the Rue des Moulins Brothel, 1894 Woman brothel, 1894
Yvette Guibert singing, 1894 Yvette Guilbert, 1894 Abandonment (The pair), 1895
Booth of La Goulue at the Foire du Trone, 1895 Booth of La Goulue at the Foire du Trone, 1895 The Good Jockey, 1895
La Revue Blanche, 1895 Marcelle Lender, 1895 Marcelle Lender Dancing in the Bolero in Chilperic, 1895
May Milton, 1895 Miss May Belfort, 1895 Portrait of Oscar Wilde, 1895
The Beauty and the Beast The Bezique, 1895 The Clown Cha U Kao, 1895 The clownesse Cha u Kao at the Moulin Rouge, 1895
The Procession of the Raja, 1895 The Promenoir the Moulin Rouge, 1892-1895 Tristan Bernard at the Buffalo Station, 1895
Two Friends, 1894-1895 Woman Lying on Her Back, Both Arms Raised, 1894-1895 Yvette Guilbert, 1895
Alone (Elles), 1896 Ambroise Thomas assistant at a rehearsal of Francoise de Rimini, 1896 At the Concert, 1896
At the Piano Madame Juliette Pascal in the Salon of the Chateau de Malrome, 1896 At the Piano Madame Juliette Pascal in the Salon of the Chateau de Malrome, 1896 Dawn, 1896
Extra in the Folies Bergere Revue, 1896 Head of a Woman, 1896 Lucie Bellanger, c.1895-1896
Madame E. Tapie de Celeyran in a Garden, 1896 Maxime Dethomas At the Ball of the Opera, 1896 Napoléon, 1896
Portrait of Cipa Godebsky, 1896 Skating, c.1896 The passenger in cabin 54, 1896
The Sofa, 1894-1896 The journal white (poster), 1896 They Cha U Kao, Chinese Clown, Seated, 1896
They Woman in Bed, Profile, Getting Up, 1896 They Woman Looking into a Hand Held Mirror, 1896 They Woman with a Tub, 1896
Troupe de Mlle Elegantine (affiche), 1896 Woman at Her Toilette, 1896 Woman Fastening a Corset them, Passing Conquest, 1896
Dancing at the Moulin Rouge, 1897 Elsa The Viennese, 1897 La Charrette Anglaise The English Dog Cart, 1897
Little Lodge, c.1897 Madame Misian Nathanson, 1897 Mademoiselle Beatrice Tapie de Celeyran, 1897
Paul Leclercq, 1897 Portrait of Berthe Bady, 1897 Snobisme, c.1897
The Grand Tier, 1896-1897 At the Cafe The Customer and the Anemic Cashier, 1898 Dinner at the House of M. and Mme. Nathanson, 1898
Madame Poupoule at Her Dressing Table, 1898 Prostitute the Sphinx, 1898 The Bed, 1898
The Motograph, 1898 The Singing Lesson, 1898 Amazone, 1899
At Star , Le Havre, 1899 At the Circus Dressage, 1899 At the Circus The Animal Trainer, 1899
At the circus, horse and monkey dressage, 1899 At the Races, 1899 At the Rat Mort, 1899
Behind the Scenes, 1898-1899 Conversation, 1899 Horsewoman, 1899
Horsewoman and Dog, c.1899 La Gitane The Gypsy, 1899 Romain Coolus, 1899
The English Girl at the Star in Le Havre, 1899 The Jockey, 1899 The Lady of the Star Harbour, 1899
The Sailor’s Song, 1899 Woman’s Head, c.1899 Maurice Joyant Somme bay, 1900
Messalina Seated, 1900 The Bartender, 1900 The Milliner, 1900
The Violinist Dancia, 1900 Two Knights in Armor, c.1900 Admiral Viaud, 1901
An Examination at the Faculty of Medicine, Paris, 1901 In the Bois de Boulogne, c.1901 Man and Woman Riding through the Woods, 1901
Messaline, 1900-1901 Messaline (between two extras), 1900-1901 Observation Fabre, Reserve Officer, 1901
Portrait of Octave Raquin, 1901 Combing Craftsman modern
The mad cow William Warrener Yvette Guilbert