Hands flying off toward the constellations

Hands flying off toward the constellations
Artist Joan Miró
Year 1974
Location Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona
Dimensions 102.6 in × 268 in
260.5 cm × 681 cm
Joan Miró Famous Artwork
The Tilled Field, 1924
The Farm, 1921–1922
Dona i Ocell, 1983
Still Life with Old Shoe, 1937
Portrait of Vincent Nubiola, 1917
Hands flying off toward the constellations, 1974
Complete Works

The painting Hands flying off toward the constellations by Joan Miró dates back to the year 1974. It is a rather simple painting, which however has distinctive features. The painting is at the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona, Spain.

Features and Artistic Techniques

In its simplicity of splashing, dripping and apparent indifference, this painting is very strong. At first glance one may not be inclined to think that it involved a lot of work, and that anyone could dip his fingers in paint and do this type of artwork. But Joan Miró goes much further than that. The splash marks and the handprints in various places are made in such a way that they encourage one to interpret the meaning of the painting. Even the use of the colors is well thought out. Most of the colors are dark, such as the dominant black and gray. However, then, Miró also uses some blue, yellow and red so as to make the piece stand out more.

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