Gwen John Paintings

Gwen John (1876 – 1939) was a Welsh painter who is most well known for her portraits of women and cats. She received formal art training at the Slade School of Art in London, one of the few art schools that taught women during that time. In 1903, John moved to France and developed her career as an artist. Even though she remained in France, her art always maintained its English roots and style. John was a romantic individual and shared a relationship with the French artist, Auguste Rodin, as well as many of her models, most of which were women.

Paintings by Gwen John in Chronological Order:

Portrait of Mrs Atkinson, c.1897-c.1898 Interior with Figures, 1898-1899 Self Portrait, 1902
The Student, 1903 Dorelia in a Black Dres, c.1903-c.1904 Self Portrait with Letter, 1907
Self Portrait, c.1907-c.1909 Girl with Bare Shoulders, 1909 A Corner of the Artist’s Room, Paris, c.1907-c.1909
Flowers, c.1910    
Study of Marigolds, 1918 Mother Marie Poussepin, c.1915-c.1920 Young Woman Holding a Black Cat, c.1920
The Convalescent, 1923-1924 Girl with a Blue Scarf, c.1923-c.1924 Woman with Hands Crossed, c.1923-c.1924
Girl Holding a Rose, c.1915-c.1925 The Little Interior, c.1926 The Pilgrim
Portrait of Chloe Boughton-Leigh The Precious Book Little girl wearing large hat
Marie Poussepin Seated at a Table Nuns and schoolgirls standing in church Woman Sewing at a Window
Girl in a Mulberry Dress Young Woman Wearing a Large Hat not identified
The Japanese Doll The Brown Tea Pot Girl in Profile
not identified Girl With Cat Black Cat on Blue and Pink
Rue Terre Neuve, Meudon Portrait of the Artists Sister Winifred Two Women
Mère Poussepin And The Catholic Church not identified