Guy Rose Paintings

Guy Rose (1867 – 1925) was an American Impressionist painter and is a highly regarded figure in the California School of Impressionism. In the 1890s, he illustrated for Harper’sScribners, and Century. Later, Rose and his wife moved to France where he gained valuable inspiration from Claude Monet who was both a friend and mentor to him. He brought these Impressionist techniques to California which influenced the artistic style of the state, particularly that of Californian landscape painting.

Paintings by Guy Rose in Chronological Order:

Chrysanthemums, 1887 Spring Harvest (also known as Still Life with Asparagus), 1887 Still Life Jug with Fruit, 1888
Plums, Waterglass and Peaches, 1889 La Mere Pichaud, 1890 Giverny Hillside, 1890-1891
Giverny Willows, 1890-1891 The Cabbage Patch, 1890-1891 The End of the Day, 1891
The Potato Gatherers, 1891 The Gondolier, Venice, 1894 July Afternoon, 1897
Portrait of an Algerian, 1900 November Twilight, 1908 Fig Trees, Antibes, 1910
Laguna Coast, 1900-1910 Late Afternoon Giverny, 1910 November, 1910
Poppy Field, 1910 Bluff at Pourville, 1910 Five O’Clock, 1910
From the Dining Room Window, 1910 On the River’s Edge, 1910 The Difficult Reply, 1910
The Old Bridge, France, 1910 River Epte, Giverny, 1910 Warm Afternoon, 1910
The Distant Town, 1900-1910 The Large Rock, 1910 The Valley of the Seine, 1910
River Epte, Giverny, 1910 The Blue Kimono, c.1910 The Cathedral, c.1910
The Green Mirror, 1911 The Green Parasol, 1911 Indian Tobacco Trees, La Jolla, 1915-1916
Laguna Rocks, Low Tide, 1915-1916 Laguna Shores, 1916 The Oak, 1916
Incoming Tide, 1917 Laguna Eucalyptus, 1917 17 Mile Drive, 1918
Point Lobos, Oak Tree, 1918 Marguerite, 1918 The Sycamores, Pasadena, 1918
Mist Over Point Lobos, 1918 A Carmel Pine, 1918 Carmel Coast, 1919
Carmel Shore, 1919 Carmel Shore, 1919 In the Oak Grove, 1919
Monterey Forest, 1919 Oak Grove, Carmel, 1919 Point Lobos Trees, 1919
Vista from Point Lobos, 1919 Carmel Hills, 1914-1920 Early Morning – Summertime, 1920
A Grey Day Carmel Arroyo Seco August Noon
Blossoms and Wallflowers Carmel Beach Carmel Dunes
Carmel Seascape Coastline Country Landscape
French Farm Gathering Storm, High Seas Girl in a Wickford Garden, New England
Grey Afternoon In the Sierra July Afternoon
La Jolla Beach La Jolla Caves La Jolla Cove
Laguna Laguna Beach Lifting Fog, Carmel
Lifting Fog, Laguna Low Tide Honfleur Mission Point
Misty Dunes, Carmel Monterey Cypress Notre Dame de Grace, Honfleur
Notre Dame de Grasse at Honfleur October Morning Off Mission Point (aka Point Lobos)
Palms Path along the Shore Point Lobos
Provincial Olive Grove Study for ‘The Cathedral Tours’ San Gabriel Road
Provincial Olive Grove Study for ‘The Cathedral Tours’ San Gabriel Road
Spring Sunset Glow (aka Sunset in the High Sierras) Carmel Dunes
In the Studio Jade Beads La Jolla Arbor
Laguna Marion Miss C.
Morning Mist Morning Mist (also known as Late Spring) My Sister Maud
Out to Sea Rocks Point Reamer San Gabriel Mission
Spring on the Riviera The Blue House The Blue Pool near Mt. Whitney
The Bridge at Vernon The Lavalier The Model
View in the San Gabriel Mountains Tamarisk Trees in Early Sunlight The Blue House
The Old Church at Cagnes The Saine Valley, Giverny The Sea View of Cliffs
Twin Lakes, High Sierra View of Wood’s Cove Windswept Trees, Laguna

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