Gustave Courbet Paintings

Jean Désiré Gustave Courbet was born June 10, 1819 in France to a prosperous farming family. Courbet was a painter who was a catalyst for the Realist movement in nineteenth century French painting. The Realist movement was one which brought the Romantic movement together with the Barbizon School and Impressionism. Courbet as an artist was willing to make bold social commentary in his artwork. Learn more »

Paintings by Gustave Courbet in Chronological Order

Portrait of Countess Therese Burnswick, 1830 Valley of the Loue, 1836 Portrait of Juliette Courbet as a Sleeping Child, 1841
Self-Portrait with a Black Dog, 1841 The Embouchment of Seine, 1841 The Forest in Autumn, 1841
Juliette Courbet, 1844 The Man Made Mad by Fear, 1844 The Draughts Players, 1844
The Hammock, 1844 The Happy Lovers, 1844 The Vagabond, 1845
The Wounded Man, 1845 The Desperate Man (Self-Portrait), 1845 Portrait of Alphonse Promayet, 1847
Portrait of Zélie Courbet, 1847 The Cellist, Self Portrait, 1847 Marc Trapadoux is Examining the Book of Prints, 1848
Peasant Wearing Madras, c.1848 After Dinner at Ornans, 1849 Portrait of Charles Baudelaire, 1849
Self-Portrait (The Man with a Pipe), 1849 The Stone Breaker, 1849 The Stone Breakers, 1849
The Valley of the Loue in Stormy Weather, 1849 A Burial at Ornans, 1850 Hector Berlioz, 1850
The Garden of the Loos les Lille Abbacy, 1851 White Bull and Blond Heifer, 1851 The Village Maidens, 1852
The Sleeping Embroiderer, 1853 The Wrestlers, 1853 Self-Portrait with Striped Collar, 1854
The Beach at Palavas, 1854 The Flood Gate at Optevoz, 1854 The Homecoming, c.1854
The Meeting (Bonjour Monsieur Courbet), 1854 Dressing the Dead Girl (Dressing the Bride), c.1855 Entering the Forest, c.1855
Mother Gregoire, 1855 Portrait of a Spanish Lady, 1855 Portrait of Champfleury, 1855
Rocky landscape near Flagey, 1855 Sitting on Cushions Dog, 1855 The Approaching Storm, c.1855
The Chateau d Ornans, c.1855 The Peasants of Flagey Returning from the Fair, 1855 The Studio of the Painter (Allegory), 1855
The Wheat Sifters, 1855 The Artist’s Studio, 1855 Dog from Ornans, 1856
La Bretonnerie in the Department of Indre, 1856 La Meuse a Freyr, 1856 Study for Les Demoiselles des bords de la Seine, 1856
Woman with Garland, 1856 Portrait of a Young Girl, 1857 Portrait of Madthilde Couq, 1857
Portrait of Mlle. Jacquet, 1857 Seacoast (Souvenir of Les Cabanes), 1857 The Dead Doe, 1857
The Quarry, 1857 View of La Tour de Farges, 1857 Young Ladies on the Banks of the Seine (Summer), 1857
The Huntsman”s Picnic, 1858 Valley of Ornans, 1858 View of Ornans and Its Church Steeple, c.1858
Woman of Frankfurt, 1858 Woman with gloves, 1858 The German Huntsman, 1859
In the Woods, c.1860 Portrait of a Young Girl from Salins, 1860 The Fox in the Snow, 1860
The Village Girl with a Goatling, 1860 Spring, Stags Fighting, 1861 Bouquet of Flowers, 1862
Portrait of Monsieur Nicolle, 1862 Rocky Landscape, c.1862 The Trellis (Young Woman Arranging Flowers), 1862
Basket of Flowers, 1863 Horse in the Woods, 1863 Rocks at Mouthier, 1863
Still Life of Flowers, 1863 Waterfall in the Wood, 1863 Crumbling Rocks, 1864
Hunter on Horseback, Redcovering the Trail, 1864 Landscape Bald Rock in the Valley of Ornans, 1864 Male and Female Deer in the Woods, 1864
Reflection, 1864 The Oak of Flagey (The Oak of Vercingetorix), 1864 The Reflection, 1864
The Source of the Loue, 1864 The Source of the Loue River, 1864 Cliffs near Ornans, 1865
Girl with Seagulls,Trouville, 1865 Going Fishing, 1865 In the Forest, 1865
Landscape near Puits Noir, near Ornans, 1865 Le Chateau de Thoraise, 1865 Locks on the Loue, 1865
Low Tide, 1865 Pierre Joseph Proudhon and his children in 1853, 1865 Portrait of Jo, the Beautiful Irish Girl, 1865
Portrait of Jules Valles, 1865 Portrait of Pierre Joseph Proudhon, 1865 River and Cliff, 1865
Rocky Landscape with Figure, 1865 Rocky River Valley, 1865 Rocky Seashore, c.1865
The Beach at Trouville at Low Tide, 1865 The Beach at Trouville at Low Tide, 1865 The Black Creek, 1865
The Ornans Paper Mill, 1865 The River Plaisir Fontaine, 1865 The Stream in Bremen, 1865
The Woman in a Podoscaphe, 1865 Three English Girls at a Window, 1865 Calm Sea, 1866
Deer Taking Shelter in Winter, 1866 Fishing Boats on the Deauville Beach, 1866 Greyhounds of Comte de Choiseul, 1866
Landscape of the Ornans Region, 1866 Seascape, 1866 Shelter of Deers at Plaisir Fontaine Creek, 1866
Shores of Normandy, 1866 Snow Landscape in Jura, 1866 Solitude, 1866
The cliffs at Étreat, 1866 The Return of the Deer to the Stream at Plaisir Fontaine, 1866 The Source of the Lison, 1866
The Wave, 1866 Deer in a Snowy Landscape, 1867 Deer in the Snow, 1867
Poachers in the Snow, 1867 Portrait of Amand Gautier, 1867 Sea Coast in Normandy, 1867
The Beach, Sunset, 1867 The Hunted Deer, Spring, 1867 The Rest During the Harvest Season (Mountains of the Doubs), 1867
A Young Woman Reading, 1868 Deer Shelter, 1868 Forest Brook with Deer, 1868
Landscape, 1868 The Stream of the Puits Noir at Ornans, 1868 Bay with Cliffs, c.1869
Boats on a Beach, Etretat, c.1869 River Landscape, 1869 Seascape at Etretat, 1869
The Calm Sea, 1869 The Cliffs at Etretat, 1869 The Hallali, 1869
The Stormy Sea, 1869 The Wave, 1869 The Waves, 1869
Cliffs by the Sea in the Snow, 1870 Portrait of Jules Antoine Castagnary, 1870 Seascape, c.1870
Stormy Sea (The Wave), 1870 The Angry Sea, c.1870 The Cliffs at Etretat after the storm, 1870
The Stormy Sea (The Wave), 1870 The Wave, 1870 The Wave, 1870
Village Street in Winter, 1870 Branch of apple blossoms, 1871 Head of a Woman with Flowers, 1871
Pomegranates, 1871 Red Apples, 1871 Still Life Apples and Pears, 1871
Still Life Apples, Pears and Flowers on a Table, Saint Pelagie, 1871 Still Life with Apples and Pomegranates, 1871 The Source among the Rocks of the Doubs, 1871
The Wave, 1871 Three Red Apples, 1871 After the Storm, 1872
Hollyhocks in a Copper Bowl, 1872 Landscape near Puit Noir, near Ornans, 1872 Still Life, 1872
Still Life Fruit, c.1872 TA The Loue Valley, c.1872 The Trout, 1872
Calm Seas, 1873 Chateau de Chillon, 1873 Landscape, 1873
Seascape, the Poplar, c.1873 Self-Portrait at Sainte Pelagie, 1873 Still Life with Pears and Apples, c.1873
Still Life with Three Trout from the Loue River, 1873 Stream in the Jura Mountains, 1872-1873 The Giants Cave from Saillon (Switzerland), 1873
The Glacier, 1873 The Source at Ornans, 1873 The Trout, 1873
Chateau du Chillon, 1874 Henri Rochefort, 1874 Juliette Courbet, 1874
Lake Leman, 1874 Seascape, 1874 Snow, 1874
Sunset over Lake Leman, 1874 The Chateau de Chillon, c.1874 View of the Parc de Crete over Clarens, 1874
Beach in Normandy, c.1872-c.1875 Chateau du Chillon, 1874-1875 View of Neuenburger, c.1875
Woods in the Snow, c.1875 Paysage Guyere, 1874 Swiss Landscape with Flowering Apple Tree, c.1876
The Deer, 1876 Waterfall in the Jura, 1876 Lake Geneve before the Storm, c.1873-c.1877
Study for Landscape with Waterfall, c.1877 The White Sail, 1877 A Family of Deer in a Landscape with a Waterfall
Bather Sleeping by a Brook Bouquet of flowers Bouquet of flowers
Chateau de Chillon Deer”s Shelter in Winter Frankfurt
Head of a Young Doe Head of Gazelle La Ferme De Bonnevaux
Landscape Landscape of Franche Comté Landscape with Stag
Les Doubs A La Maison Monsieur Marine Les Equilleurs Poor Woman of the Village
Portrait of Gabrielle Borreau Portrait of Paul Ansout Portrait of Paul Chenavard
Portrait of Paul Verlaine Portrait of Régis Courbet Portrait of the Artist”s Father
Portrait of Zélie Courbet Riverside Seascape
Seascape at Saint Aubin Seascape Near Trouville Still Life with Apples and Pomegranates
The Beach at Trouville The Cliff The English Horse of M. Duval
The Forest Edge The Gorge The Man with the Leather Belt, a Portrait of the Artist
The Mountain Hut The Stream The Wave
The Young Shepherdess Two Roe Deers in the Forest Valley at Fontcouvert

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