Gustave Caillebotte Paintings

Gustave Caillebotte (August 19, 1848 – February 21, 1894) was a French painter. He was a patron and member of the group of artists known as Impressionists, though his paintings leaned toward the realist style than the other members of the group. Caillebotte developed early interest in photography as art. Learn more »

Paintings by Gustave Caillebotte in Alphabetical Order

A Balcony in Paris, 1880-1881 A Balcony, Boulevard Haussmann A Road in Naples, 1872
A Soldier, c.1881 Angling, 1878 Apple Tree in Blossom, c.1885
At the Cafe, Rouen, 1880 Banks of the Yerres, c.1878 Bathers on the Banks of the Yerres, 1878
Billiards, c.1875-c.1876 Boat at Anchor on the Seine, c.1890-c.1891 Boating on the Yerres, 1877
Boats on the Seine Boats on the Seine at Argenteuil, 1890 Boulevard des Italiens, c.1880
Boulevard Haussmann in the Snow, c.1879-c.1881 Bust Portrait of Eugene Lamy, 1888 By the Sea, c.1888-c.1894
Camille Daurelle in the Park at Yerres, 1877 Chrysanthemums in a Vase, 1893 Cliff at Villers sur Me, c.1880
Clump of Chrysanthemums, Garden at Petit Gennevilliers, 1890 Factories at Argenteuil, 1888 Farmer’s House in Trouville, 1882
Fields, Plain of Gennevilliers, c.1884 Fishermen on the Banks of the Yerres, c.1876 Four Vases of Chrysanthemums, 1893
Fruit Displayed on a Stand, c.1881-c.1882 Garden at Yerres, c.1876 Garden Rose and Blue Forget Me Nots in a Vase, c.1871-c.1878
Garlic Cloves and Knife on the Corner of a Table, c.1871c.1878 Garten in Trouville, 1882 Harvest, Landscape with Five Haystacks, c.1874-c.1878
Hors d’Oeuvre, c.1881-c.1882 Interior of a Studio, c.1872-c.1874 Interior, Woman at the Window, 1880
Interior, Woman Reading, 1880 Kitchen Garden, Petit Gennevilliers, 1882 Landscape at Argenteuil, 1889
Landscape near Yerres, c.1877 Landscape Study in Yellow and Rose, 1884 Landscape with Haystacks, c.1874
Landscape with Railway Tracks, c.1872 Landscape, Banks of the Yerres, c.1875 Laundry Drying, 1892
Laundry Drying, Petit Gennevilliers, 1892 Le Clos des Abbesses, c.1871-c.1878 Le Pont de l’Europe, 1876-1877
Le Pont de L’Europe, c.1881-c.1882 Loaded Haycart, c.1874-c.1878 Luncheon, 1876
Man at the Window, 1875 Man on a Balcony, c.1880 Man on a Balcony, Boulevard Haussmann, 1880
Meadow Bridge at Argenteuil, 1882-1886 Meaux. Effect of Sunlight on the Old Chapterhouse, c.1871-c.1878 Melon and Fruit Bowl with Figs, 1880-1882
Nasturtiums, 1892 Norman Landscape, 1884 Orchard and avenue of trees, c.1890-c.1894
Orchids, 1893 Paris, a Rainy Day, 1877 Park in the Snow, c.1888
Peaches, Apples and Grapes on a Vine Leaf, c.1871-c.1878 Petit Gennevilliers, Facade, Southeast of the Artist’s Studio, Overlooking the Garden, Spring Pont d’Argenteuil, 1885
Portrait of a Man, 1880 Portrait of a Man, 1877 Portrait of a Man Writing in His Study, 1885
Portrait of a Schoolboy, 1879 Portrait of a Young Woman in an Interior, c.1877 Portrait of Eugene Lamy, 1889
Portrait of Henri Cordier, teacher at the School of Oriental Languages, 1883 Portrait of Jean Daurelle, c.1885 Portrait of Jules Dubois, 1885
Portrait of Jules Richemont, 1879 Portrait of Madame Martial Caillebotte, 1877 Portrait of Mademoiselle Boissiere Knitting, 1877
Portrait of Paul Hugot, 1878 Portraits in the Countryside, 1876 Richard Gallo and His Dog at Petit Gennevilliers, c.1884
Rising Road, 1881 Roses in the Garden at Petit Gennevilliers, c.1886 Rue Halevy, Balcony View, 1878
Sailboats on the Seine at Argenteuil, 1892 Self-Portrait, c.1892 Self-Portrait, 1888-1889
Self-Portrait with Pith Helmet Square in Argenteuil Still Life, 1879
Still Life with a Vase of Lilacs, 1883 Study for ‘The Parquet Planers’, 1875 Sunflowers in the Garden at Petit Gennevilliers, c.1885
The Artist’s House at Yerres, c.1882 The Bezique Game, 1880 The Boulevard Viewed from Above, 1880
The Garden, c.1878 The Garden at Petit Gennevilliers, c.1893 The Garden at Petit Gennevilliers in Winter, c.1894
The Gardeners, 1875-1877 The House Painters, 1877 The Nap, 1877
The Painter under His Parasol, c.1878 The Park at Yerres, 1877 The Park Monceau, 1878
The Parquet Planers, 1875 The Perpiniere Barracks, 1878 The Piano Lesson, 1881
The Pink villa at Trouville The Plain at Gennevilliers, Group of Poplars, 1883 The Plain of Gennevilliers from the Hills of Argenteuil, 1888
The Pontoon at Argenteuil, 1886-1887 The Promenade at Argenteuil, 1883 The Yerres, Rain, 1875
Vase of Gladiolas, 1887 View of Roofs (Snow Effect) or Roofs under Snow, 1878 View of the Sea from Villerville, 1882
View of the Seine in the Direction of the Pont de Bezons, c.1892 Villas at Trouville, 1884 Villas at Villers sur Mer, 1880
White and Yellow Chrysanthemums, 1893 Willow on the Banks of the Seine Woman at a Dressing Table, c.1873
Woman Seated Beneath a Tree, c.1874 Woman Sitting on a Red Flowered Sofa, 1882 Yellow Roses in a Vase, 1882
Yerres, Camille Daurelle under an Oak Tree, c.1871-c.1878 Yerres, Colonnade of the Casin, c.1870 Yerres, on the Pond, Water Lilies, c.1871-c.1878
Yerres, Part of the South Façade of the Casin, c.1871-c.1878 Yerres, Path Through the Old Growth Woods in the Park, c.1871-c.1878 Yerres, Path Through the Woods in the Park, c.1871-c.1878
Yerres, Reddish Bay Horse in the Stable, c.1871-c.1878 Yerres, Soldiers in the Woods, c.1871-c.1878 Yerres, the Aviary in the Ornamental Farm, c.1871-c.1878
Young Man Playing the Piano, 1876

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