Gustav Klimt Paintings

Gustav Klimt, born July 14, 1862, was an Austrian Symbolist painter. His paintings, sketches, and murals are marked by frank eroticism, and his primary subject was the female body. In 1892, Klimt’s father and two of his brothers passed away, and he became responsible for their families. The tragedy influenced his artistic maturity, helping him to develop his own style. Learn more »

Paintings by Gustav Klimt in Chronological Order

Portrait of a Girl, Head Slightly Turned Left, 1879 Painted composition design to medicine, 1888 The Globe Theatre in London, 1888
The Old Burgtheater, 1889 Portrait of Joseph Pembauer, 1890 Sappho, 1890
Emilie Floge Portrait of Emilie Floge
Emilie Flöge, Aged 17, 1891 Portrait of Emilie Flöge, c1893 Portrait of a lady, 1894
Portrait of Marie Breunig, 1894 Josef Lewinsky, 1895 Love, 1895
Music, 1895 Junius, 1896 Orchard, 1896
Portrait of a Lady
Schubert at the piano I, c1896 Portrait of a Lady, 1897 Tragedy, 1897
Lady by the Fireplace, 1898 Lady with Cape and Hat, 1898 Minerva or Pallas Athena, 1898
Portrait of Helene Klimt, 1898 Poster for the First Art Exhibition of the Secession Art Movement, 1898 Sonja Knips, 1898
After the Rain (Garden with Chickens in St. Agatha), 1899 Full-face Portrait of a Lady, 1899 Portrait of Serena Lederer, 1899
Quiet pond in the park of Appeal, 1899 Schubert at the Piano II, 1899 Water Nymphs (Silverfish), c1899
Farmhouses with Birch Trees, 1900 The Swamp, 1900 The Tall Poplar Trees II, 1900
Cows in the barn, 1901 Fir Forest I, 1901 Fruit Trees, 1901
Judith and Holopherne, 1901 Musik (lithograph), 1901 Pine Forest II, 1901
Portrait of Rose von Rosthorn-Friedmann, 1901 Lakeside with Birch Trees, 1901 Portrait of Gertha Felssovanyi, 1902
Portrait of Emilie Florge
Buchenhain, 1902 Portrait of a Girl, 1902 Portrait of Emilie Flöge, 1902
Portrait of Marie Henneberg, 1902 The Beethoven Frieze: The Hostile Powers. Far Wall, 1902 The Beethoven Frieze: The Hostile Powers. Left part, detail, 1902
The Beethoven Frieze: The Longing for Happiness. Left wall, 1902 Beech Grove I, 1902 Birch in a Forest, c1903
Farmhouse with Birch Trees, 1903 Hope I, 1903 Pear Tree, 1903
The Big Poplar II, 1903 The Golden Knight, 1903 Portrait of Hermine Gallia, 1904
Portrait of Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein, 1905 Roses under the Trees, c1905 The Three Ages of Woman, 1905
Country Garden with Sunflowers, 1906 Landscape Garden (Meadow in Flower), 1906 Portrait of Fritza Riedler, 1906
Flower Garden, 1907 University of Vienna Ceiling Paintings (Medicine), detail showing Hygieia, 1907 Jurisprudence (final state), 1907
University of Vienna Ceiling Paintings (Medicine), final state, 1907 Philosophy (final state), 1907 Poppy Field, 1907
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, 1907 The Sunflower, 1907 Water Snakes II, 1907
Watersnakes, 1907 Danae, 1908 Hope II, 1908
The Kiss, 1908 Water Castle, 1908 Blooming field, 1909
Cartoon for the Frieze of the Villa Stoclet in Brussels: Fulfillment, 1909 Cartoon for the frieze of the Villa Stoclet in Brussels: right part of the tree of life, 1909 Expectation, 1909
Judith II (Salome), 1909 Lady with Hat and Featherboa, 1909 Old Woman, 1909
Schloss Kammer am Attersee, II, 1909 The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze, c1909 Mother with Children, 1910
Park, 1910 Reclining Nude Lying on Her Stomach and Facing Right, 1910 Schloss Kammer on the Attersee IV, 1910
The Black Feather Hat, 1910 The Schloss Kammer on the Attersee, III, 1910 Apple Tree, I, c1912
Avenue of Schloss Kammer Park, 1912 Farm Garden with Crucifix, 1912 Farmhouse in Upper Austria, 1912
Mada Primavesi, c1912 Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II, 1912 The House of Guardaboschi, 1912
Malcesine on Lake Garda, 1913 Portrait Of Eugenia Primavesi, 1913 The Virgin, 1913
Church in Cassone, 1913 Country House by the Attersee, c1914 Apple Tree II, 1916
Church in Unterach on the Attersee, 1916 Death and Life, 1916 Death and Life, 1916
Park of Schonbrunn
Fredericke Maria Beer, 1916 Houses at Unterach on the Attersee, c1916 Park of Schönbrunn, 1916
Portrait of Baroness Elisabeth Bachofen-Echt, 1916 Garden with Roosters, 1917 Portrait of a Lady, c1917
The Women Friends, 1917 Adam and Eva (unfinished), 1918 Amalie Zuckerkandl, 1918
Baby, 1918 Lady with Fan, 1918 Der Iltspelz, 1918
Portrait of a Lady (unfinished), 1918 Portrait of a Lady in White (unfinished), 1918 Portrait of Johanna Staude, 1918
Portrait of Maria Munk (unfinished), 1918 Standing Woman in Kimono (Dame im Kimono), 1918 The Bride (unfinished), 1918
The dancer, 1918 Adele Bloch-Bauer Design for a theater curtain
Design for the Stocletfries Draft of a theater curtain Female Nude
Female organ player Girl with hat and cape in profil Horticultural landscape with a hilltop
Island in the Attersee Italian horticultural landscape Januar
Kneeling Male Nude With Sprawled Out Arms, Male Torso Ode To Klimt Portrait of a man heading left
Portrait of a man with beard Portrait of a man with beard in three quarter profil Study of the Head of a Blind Man
Two Girls With An Oleander Untitled

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