Grandma Moses Paintings

Anna Mary Robertson Moses (1860 – 1961), known professionally (and affectionately) as Grandma Moses, was an American Folk artist. For the majority of her life she worked on the farm. Moses began painting when she was 78 years old after her arthritis made it too difficult to enjoy her usual embroidery work. She never had any formal art training, instead, she relied on self-taught skills. Moses mostly painted rural farm life that was often inspired from her own memories; she always left out modern inventions such as telephone poles and tractors.

Paintings by Grandma Moses in Chronological Order:

Shenandoah Valley, 1938 Shenandoah Valley (1861 News of the Battle), 1938 Catching the Turkey, 1940
Mt. Nebo on the Hill, 1940 Catching the Thanksgiving Turkey, 1943 The Burning of Troy in 1862, 1943
Sugaring Off, 1943 Checkered House, 1943 Hoosick Falls, New York, in Winter, 1944
Early Springtime on the Farm, 1945 Wash Day, 1945 Hoosick Valley (From the Window), 1946
Grandma Moses Goes to the Big City, 1946 A Tramp on Christmas Day, 1946 Apple Butter Making, 1944-1947
The Spring in Evening, 1947 A Storm Is on the Water Now, 1947 The Thunderstorm, 1948
A Beautiful World, 1948 Plow Boy, 1950 The Quilting Bee, 1940-1950
Country Fair, 1950 Taking in the Laundry, 1951 Morning Day on the Farm, 1951
Joy Ride, 1953 Sugaring Off, 1955 Halloween, 1955
A Blizzard, 1956 Eagle Bridge Hotel, 1959 Waiting for Christmas, 1960
So Long Till Next Year, 1960 The Rainbow, 1961 Checkered House
Checkered House Catching the Turkey Winter
Christmas at Home Let Me Help

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