Giuseppe de Nittis Paintings

Giuseppe De Nittis (February 25, 1846 – August 12, 1884), born in Barletta, was an Italian painter whose art combined the styles of Impressionism and Salon art. His teacher was Giovanni Battista Calò. In 1863 he was expelled from the Instituto di Belle Arti, Naples. After that, he started his career with the exhibition of two paintings at the 1864 Neapolitan Promotrice. He became friends with a group of artists, the Macchiaioli, and befriended Telemaco Signorini. He was also exhibiting on Florence. Learn more »

Paintings by Giuseppe de Nittis in Chronological Order

Back From Dance, 1870 Lungo l’Ofanto, 1870 A Roman Aqueduct, c.1874-c.1875
A Winter’s Landscape, 1875 Return from the Races, 1875 The Place des Pyramides, Paris, 1875
The Victoria Embankment, London, 1875 Promenade Hivernale, 1878 Presso al lago, 1879
Around the Shade, c.1880 Snow Effect, 1880 La Place du Carrousel, Paris: The Ruins of the Tuileries, 1882
Breakfast in the Garden, 1883 The Races at Longchamps from the Grandstand, 1883 The Salon of Princess Mathilde, 1883
At the Tribune during the race, 1884 A Lady from Naples Amazzoni
Face In the Forest Self Portrait,
Poplars Rue de Paris with Carriages Sarah Bernhardt as Pierrot
The Nannys The Races at Auteuil, Paris The Serpentine Hyde Park
Westminster Bridge Woman on the Beach

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