Giotto Paintings

Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337), or simply, Giotto, was one of the earliest Italian Renaissance painters. He was well known for his frescos and his artistic contributions to architecture. Giotto carefully observed subjects from life and translated those observations into his paintings. This marked the start of artists moving away from stylization and towards a more realistic representation of the world around them. The frescoes that he painted inside the Arena Chapel in Padua are considered to be one of the most important masterworks of his time.

Paintings by Giotto in Chronological Order:

The Trial by Fire, St. Francis offers to walk through fire, to convert the Sultan of Egypt, 1296-1297 Confirmation of the Rule, 1297-1299 Dream of the Palace, 1297-1299
Exorcism of the Demons at Arezzo, 1297-1299 Miracle of the Crucifix, 1297-1299 Pentecost, c.1290-c.1299
St. Francis Giving his Mantle to a Poor Man, 1297-1299 St. Francis Preaching a Sermon to Pope Honorius III, 1297-1299 St. Francis Preaching to the Birds, 1297-1299
St. Francis Renounces all Worldly Goods, 1297-1299 The Dream of Innocent III, 1297-1299 The Miracle of the Spring, 1297-1299
The Vision of the Thrones, 1297-1299 Vision of the Flaming Chariot, 1297-1299 Apparition to Fra Agostino and to Bishop Guido of Arezzo, 1300
Ascension of Christ, c.1300 Canonization of St Francis, 1300 Death and Ascension of St. Francis, 1300
Dream of St. Gregory, 1300 Ecstasy of St. Francis, 1297-1300 Madonna and Child, c.1295-c.1300
Madonna and Child, c.1295-c.1300 St. Francis Honoured by a Simple Man, 1300 St. Francis Mourned by St. Clare, 1300
St. Francis of Assisi Preparing the Christmas Crib at Grecchio, 1297-1300 St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata, c.1295-c.1300 St. Jerome Checking the Stigmata on the Body of St. Francis, 1300
St. Paul, c.1290-c.1300 St. Peter, c.1290-c.1300 Stigmatization of St. Francis, 1297-1300
The Apparition at the Chapter House at Arles, 1297-1300 The Crucifixion, c.1290-c.1300 The Death of the Knight of Celano, 1297-1300
Death and Ascension of St. Francis (detail), 1300 Badia Polyptych, 1301-1302 Christ Before Caiaphas, c.1305
Christ Washing the Disciples’ Feet, c.1305 The Ascension, c.1305 The Baptism of Christ, c.1305
The Dream of Joachim, c.1305 The Entry into Jerusalem, c.1305 The Marriage of the Virgin, c.1305
The Massacre of the Innocents, c.1305 The Road to Calvary, c.1305 The Virgin’s Wedding Procession, 1305
Adoration of the Magi, c.1304-c.1306 Annunciation to St Anne, c.1304-c.1306 Annunciation: The Angel Gabriel Sent by God, 1306
Annunciation: The Virgin Receiving the Message, 1306 Christ among the Doctors, c.1304-c.1306 Desperation, 1306
Envy, 1306 Expulsion of the Money-changers, c.1304-c.1306 Flagellation, c.1304-c.1306
Flight into Egypt, c.1304-c.1306 God Sends Gabriel to the Virgin, 1306 Inconstancy, 1306
Infidelity, 1306 Injustice, 1306 Joachim among the Shepherds, c.1304-c.1306
Joachim’s Sacrificial Offering, c.1304-c.1306 Judas Receiving Payment for his Betrayal, c.1304-c.1306 Lamentation (The Mourning of Christ), c.1304-c.1306
Last Judgment, 1306 Last Supper, c.1304-c.1306 Marriage at Cana, c.1304-c.1306
Nativity. Birth of Jesus, c.1304-c.1306 Pentecost, c.1304-c.1306 Presentation of Christ at the Temple, c.1304-c.1306
Raising of Lazarus, c.1304-c.1306 Rejection of Joachim’s Sacrifice, c.1304-c.1306 Resurrection (Noli me tangere), c.1304-c.1306
The Arrest of Christ (Kiss of Judas), c.1304-c.1306 The Bringing of the Rods to the Temple, c.1304-c.1306 The Meeting at the Golden Gate, 1304-1306
The Suitors Praying, c.1304-c.1306 Visitation, 1306 Adoration of the Magi, c.1304-c.1306
Wrath, 1306 Madonna in Maest (Ognissanti Madonna), c.1306-c.1310 Pentecost, c.1300-c.1310
The Death of the Virgin, c.1310 Nacelle, c.1305-c.1313 Crucifixion, c.1315
Peruzzi Altarpiece, c.1310-c.1315 The Crucifixion, 1317 The Crucifixion, c.1310-c.1317
Annunciation to Zacharias, 1320 Ascension of the Evangelist, 1320 Christ Among the Doctors, c.1311-c.1320
Feast of Herod, 1320 Flight into Egypt, c.1311-c.1320 Nativity, c.1311-c.1320
Presentation of Christ in the Temple, c.1311-c.1320 Raising of Drusiana, 1320 Raising of the Boy in Sessa, c.1311-c.1320
Return of Christ to Jerusalem, c.1311-c.1320 St John on Patmos, 1320 St. Francis Renouncing his Worldly Goods, c.1320
The Adoration of the Magi, c.1311-c.1320 The Crucifixion, c.1311-c.1320 The Death of the Boy in Sessa, c.1311-c.1320
The Epiphany, c.1320 The Massacre of the Innocents, c.1311-c.1320 The Presentation of the Infant Jesus in the Temple, c.1320
Trial by Fire of St. Francis of Assisi before the Sultan of Egypt, c.1320 Crucifixion, c.1320-c.1325 Descent into Limbo, c.1320-c.1325
Entombment, c.1320-c.1325 Last Supper, c.1320-c.1325 Saint Stephen, c.1320-c.1325
St John the Evangelist, c.1320-c.1325 St Lawrence, c.1320-c.1325 St. Francis Appears to St. Anthony in Arles, 1325
St. John Evangelist, c.1320-c.1325 St. Stephen, c.1320-1325 The Crucifixion, c.1320-c.1325
The Death of St. Francis, 1325 Crucifixion, c.1330 Madonna and Child, c.1320-c.1330
The Crucifixion, c.1330 The Stefaneschi Triptych, c.1330 Baroncelli Polyptych, c.1334
Polyptych, c.1330-c.1335 The Crucifixion, c.1335 Charity
Confirmation of the Rule Faith Foolishness
Fortitude Hope Isaac Rejecting Esau
Isaac Blessing Jacob Justice Madonna and Child
Prudence Temperance The Birth of St. John the Baptist and his father Zacharias writing his name
The Birth of the Virgin

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