Giorgione Paintings

Giorgione (1477-1510) was an Italian painter whose work is said to mark the beginnings of the Venetian High Renaissance. He studied under Giovanni Bellini and, although he died young, had a very remarkable career as an artist. He was well known for capturing a poetic quality within his paintings; his lights appearing to emerge from an atmospheric darkness, which created a deep sense of mood within his work. He was able to accomplish this by painting from dark to light, rather than starting with lights and then adding darks. This technique is still used today by contemporary oil painters.

Paintings by Giorgione in Chronological Order:

The Holy Family (Madonna Benson), 1500 Portrait of a Youth (Antonio Broccardo), 1500 The Three Ages of Man, 1500-1501
Portrait of Francesco Maria della Rovere, 1502 Double Portrait, 1502 Madonna and Child in a Landscape, 1504
Portrait of young man (Giustiniani Portrait), 1504 The Old Woman, 1505 The Judgement of Solomon, 1505
Moses Undergoing Trial by Fire, 1502-1505 The Tempest, 1505 Madonna and Child with Saints Liberale and Francis (The Castelfranco Madonna), 1505
Youth Holding an Arrow, 1505 Sacred Conversation, 1505 Portrait of a Young Woman (Laura), 1506
Boy with Flute, 1508 The Three Philosophers, 1508-1509 The Sunset, 1506-1510
The Adoration of the Shepherds, 1505-1510 Portrait of a Man (Terris), 1510 Warrior with Groom, 1505-1510
Self-Portrait, 1510 Portrait of a Venetian Gentleman, 1510 David with the Head of Goliath, 1510
Two Women and a Man ( Trio), 1510 The Flute Player, 1510 Musical instruments (music), 1510
Globe, moon, sun (astronomy), 1510 Armor, 1510 Arithmetic, 1510
A Soldier Judith Young Man (The Impassioned Singer)
Virgin and Child (The Tallard Madonna) Self-portrait Portrait of Young Man
Giovanni Borgherini and His Tutor Youth with a Guitar and Two Girls Sitting on a River Bank Homage to a Poet
The Adoration of the Kings Samson Captured by the Philistines Christ Carrying the Cross
The Adulteress Brought Before Christ View of Castelfranco and Shepherd

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