Gerrit Dou Paintings

Gerrit Dou (April 7, 1613 – February 9, 1675) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. He was known for painting a wide breadth of subjects, including  genre scenes, history paintings, portraits, and candle lit scenes. When he was young, Dou studied under Rembrandt for about three to four years. After leaving his master, Dou began to refine his training and develop his own tastes and techniques as an artist. He was well known for his small, highly detailed paintings with strong chiaroscuro.

Paintings by Gerrit Dou in Chronological Order

Officer of the Marksman Society in Leiden, c.1630 Rembrandt’s-mother, c.1630 Artist in His Studio, 1630-1632
Heraklith, 1632 Man Interrupted at His Writing, 1635 Still Life with Globe, Lute, and Books, c.1635
The Extraction of Tooth, 1630-1635 Self Portrait, 1635 Still Life with a Boy Blowing Soap bubbles, 1635-1636
Interior with a Young Violinist, 1637 Woman Eating Porridge, YEAR Old Woman Praying, c.1640
Portrait of a Man, 1635-1640 Portrait of a Woman, 1635-1640 Portrait of a Young Woman, 1635-1640
Self Portrait, c.1640 Woman Pouring Water into a Jar, c.1640 Bust of a Man, 1642-1645
Portrait of an Old Woman, 1643-1645 The Bible Lesson, or Anne and Tobias, c.1645 The Teacher, 1645
Portrait of a Woman, 1642-1646 The Painter in His Workshop, 1647 The Village Grocer, 1647
A Sleeping Dog with Terracotta Pot, 1650 The Dutch Housewife or, The Woman Hanging a Cockerel in the Window, 1650 The Quack, 1652
The Physician, 1653 Violin player, 1653 Astronomer, 1650-1655
Old Woman Cutting Bread, c.1655 Self-portrait with a Palette, in a Niche, 1650-1655 A Cat at the Window of a Painters’ Studios, 1657
Self-portrait in a Window, c.1657 The Young Mother, 1658 Cardplayers at Candlelight, c.1660
Still Life with Candle, c.1660 The Young Mother, 1655-1660 Woman in a Black Veil, c.1660
The Dropsical Woman, c.1663 The Silver Ewer, c.1663 Weighing Gold, 1664
A Lady Playing the Clavichord, c.1665 Astronomer by Candlelight, c.1665 Dentist by Candlelight, c.1660-c.1665
Old Woman Unreeling Threads, 1660-1665 Old Woman Watering Flowers, 1660-1665 Self-Portrait, c.1665
The cook, 1660-1665 The Night School, 1665 Trumpet Player in front of a Banquet, 1660-1665
The Lady at Her Dressing Table, 1667 Violin Player, 1667 A Hermit Praying, 1670
A Poulterer’s Shop, c.1670 The Hermit, 1670 The Old Schoolmaster, 1671
The Grocery Shop, 1672 The Herring Seller, 1670-1675 An Old Man Lighting his Pipe in a Study
Anna and Blind Tobit Burgomaster Hasselaar and His Wife Girl Chopping Onions
Grace Before Meat Man with Easel Officer of the Marksman Society in Leiden (detail)
Old woman with a candle Portrait of a Couple in a Landscape Portrait of a Man
Portrait of a Woman Portrait of an Old Woman Reading Portrait Of The Artist In His Studio
Self-Portrait Still Life with Armor, Shield, Halberd, Sword, Leather Jacket and Drum Still Life with Book and Purse
Still Life with Hourglass, Pencase and Print The Doctor The Prayer of the Spinner
Woman Peeling Carrot