Gerard David Paintings

Gerard David (c. 1460 – August 13, 1523) was a manuscript illuminator and Early Netherlandish painter famous for his fantastic use of color. Learn more »

Paintings by Gerard David in Chronological Order

Christ Nailed to the Cross, c.1481 Roman soldiers and Jewish judges (left wing from the Triptych of the Crucifixion), c.1481 The Holy Women and St. John at Golgotha, 1480-1485
The Adoration of the Magi, c.1490 The Nativity, c.1490 The Nativity, c.1495
Triptych of the Sedano Family, c.1495 Madonna and Child with Two Music Making Angels, 1498 The Flaying of the Corrupt Judge Sisamnes, 1498
The Judgement of Cambyses, 1498 Lineage of Saint Anne, c.1490-c.1500 The Adoration of the Magi, c.1500
The Marriage at Cana, c.1500-c.1503 The Marriage at Cana (detail), c.1500-c.1503 Archangel Gabriel and Virgin Annunciate, c.1505
Forest Scene, 1505 The Baptism of Christ (Central section of the triptych), c.1505 Triptych of Jan Des Trompes, 1505
Triptych of Jan Des Trompes (rear of the wings), 1505 Triptych of Jean Des Trompes (side panels), 1505 Polyptych of Cervara: center panel Madonna and Child Enthroned, 1506
Polyptych of Cervara: St. Jerome, 1506 Polyptych of Cervara: St. Mauro, 1506 The Angel of the Annunciation, 1506
Madonna with Angels and Saints, 1509 Altar of Archangel Michael, c.1510 Altar of Archangel Michael, c.1510
Portrait of a Goldsmith, c.1510 The Rest on the Flight into Egypt, c.1510 The Virgin and Child with Saints and Donor, c.1510
The Virgin of the Annunciation, c.1500-c.1510 A Rest During the Flight to Egypt, c.1510-c.1515 The Deposition, c.1495-c.1515
Triptych with the Nativity, 1505-1515 Virgin and Child with Four Angels, c.1510-c.1515 Madonna with the Milk Soup, c.1510-c.1520
The Annunciation, c.1520 The Transfiguration of Christ, 1520 The Transfiguration of Christ (central panel), 1520
An Augustinian Friar Praying Mary and Child with Two Angels Making Music Study of a Bust of Yyoung Boy with Shaved Head
The Adoration of the Magi The Angel of the Annunciation The Crucifixion
The Lamentation The Virgin of the Annunciation Two Legends of St. Nicholas
Verso of the first Sketch King Cambyses

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