Georgia O’Keeffe Paintings

Georgia Totto O’Keeffe (November 15, 1887 – March 6, 1986) born in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, was an American artist. O’Keeffe caught the attention of the New York art community in 1916, it would be a few more decades before women were given access to art training in American universities and colleges. It was not too long before O’Keeffe became an established and prominent modern artist. Consequently, O’Keeffe became a trail-blazer for women artists in the American art community, which had been dominated by men. Learn more »

Paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe in Chronological Order

Blue-01, 1916 Blue-02, 1916 Blue-03, 1916
Canna Red and Orange, 1922 Light of Iris, 1924 Petunia, 1925
Ranchos Church, New Mexico, 1931 Jimson Weed, 1932 Ram’s Head, White Hollyhock-Hills, 1935
Blue Sky, 1941 Grey Hills, 1941 Pelvis with the Distance, 1943
Shadow with Pelvis and Moon, 1943 Kachina, 1945 Church Steeple, 1950
A Black Bird With Snow Covered Red Hills

A Sunflower from Maggie

Above the Clouds I

Abstraction No. 77 (Tulip)

Abstraction White
Abstraction White Rose

An Orchid

Apple Blossom
Apple Family

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Trees – Chestnut Tree
Autumn Trees – The Maple

Banana Flower

Bare Tree Trunks with Snow
Bella Donna

Birch and Pine Tree No. 1

Black and Purple Petunias
Black Hills with Cedar

Black Hollyhock – Blue Larkspur

Black Iris
Black Iris

Black Lava Bridge, Hana Coast-No. I

Black Lava Bridge, Hana Coast-No. II
Black Lines 1

Black Mesa Landscape, New Mexico – Out Back of Mary`s II

Black Place Green
Black Place I

Black Place II

Black Place IV
Black Place, Grey and Pink

Black Spot

Bleeding Heart
Blue 2

Blue and Green Music

Blue I
Blue Line

Blue Morning Glories

Blue Morning Glory
Bob Steer Head

Brown Sail, Wing on Wing, Nassau

Calla Lily (Lily-Yellow No. 2)
Calla Lily in Tall Glass

Calla Lily on Grey

Calla Lily Turned Away
Canna Leaves

City Night

Clam and mussel
Cliffs Beyond Abiquiu, Dry Waterfall

Corn No. 2

Corn, Dark I
Cottonwood III

Cottonwood Tree in Spring

Cow’s Skull with Calico Roses

Cup Of Silver Ginger

Dark Iris №2
Dark Iris №3

Dark Tree Trunks

Dead Tree with Pink Hill
Deers Skull with Pedernal

Drawing III

Drawing IX
Drawing V

Eagle Claw and Bean Necklace

East River from the Thirtieth Story of the Shelton Hotel
East River No 1

Ends Of Barns

Fishhook From Hawaii – No. I
Flower Abstraction

Flower of Life

Flower of Life II
Flowers of Fire

From Faraway Nearby

From the Lake
From the Old Garden No 2

From the Plains

From the Plains II
From the White Place

Gerald`s Tree

Ghost Ranch Painting
Goat’s Horn With Red

Gray line with black, blue, and yellow

Green and White
Green, Yellow and Orange

Grey Blue and Black, Pink Circle

Head with Broken Pot
Hibiscus with Plumeria

Hollyhock Pink with Pedernal

Horse’s Skull with Pink Rose
Horse’s Skull on Blue

In the Patio VIII

Inside Red Canna
Iris 7

It was a Man and a Pot

It Was Yellow and Pink II
Jack in the Pulpit II

Jack in the Pulpit III

Jack in the Pulpit No. IV
Jack in the Pulpit №V

Jimson Weed 2

Jimson Weed 3


Kokopelli with Snow
Lake George (formerly Reflection Seascape)

Lake George Barns

Lake George, Autumn
Large Dark Red Leaves on White

Leaf Motif 2

Leaves of a Plant
Little House with Flagpole


Maple and Cedar
Melting Volcano

Misty – A Memory

Modern Flowers
Morning Glory with Black

Mountains and Lake

Mule`s Skull with Pink Poinsettias
Music Pink and Blue I

Music Pink and Blue II

My Backyard
My Shanty, Lake George

Nature Forms Gasp

New York Night
New York with Moon

Oak Leaves Pink and Grey

Only One
Oriental Poppies

Oriental Poppies II

Papaya Tree-Iao Valley

Patio Door

Patio Door with Green Leaf
Pattern Leaves

Pattern of Leaves


Petunia II

Petunia No. 2
Pink Daisy with Iris

Pink Dish and Green Leaves

Pink Shell with Seaweed
Pink Sweet Peas

Pinons with Cedar


Poppy 2

Portrait No. III
Purple Leaves

Purple Petunia

Radiator Building
Ram’s Skull with Brown Leaves

Ranchos Church, New Mexico

Red Amaryllis 2
Red and Orange Streak

Red Canna

Red Canna
Red Flower Closeup

Red Hill and White Shell

Red Hills and Bones
Red Hills and Pedernal

Red hills and white flower

Red Hills, Lake George
Red Poppy

Red Snapdragons

Road to the Ranch
Rust Red Hills

Saddle Roan Horns

Series I, No. 8
Series I, No. 3

Series near abiquiu, New Mexico – Hills to the left

Shell and Old Shingle VI
Shell No 2

Shell No. I

Shelton Hotel
Single Calla Lily (Red)

Skull and Flowers

Sky above clouds III
Slightly Open Clam Shell

Small Purple Hills

Special No. 32
Special №21


Spring Tree No. 1
Spring Tree No. II

Squash Blossoms

Stamp in Red Hills
Street of New York II

Summer Days