Georges Seurat Paintings

Georges-Pierre Seurat was born on December 2, 1859 in France to a wealthy family. He was a Post-Impressionist draftsman and painter, famous for devising a painting technique called pointillism. Seurat initiated Neo-impressionism with his painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1886). Learn more »

Paintings by Georges Seurat in Chronological Order

Head of a Girl, 1879 Landscape at Saint-Ouen, 1879 Vase of Flowers, 1879
Soldier Fencing, Another Reclining, 1880 Grassy Riverbank, 1881 Landscape with “sinners” Puvis de Chava, 1881
Man leaning on a parapet, 1881 Seated Woman, 1881 Stone breakers, Le-Raincy, 1881
The seller of oranges, 1881 Woman standing, 1881 Gardener, 1882
Landscape in the Ile-de-France, 1882 On the road, 1882 Peasant with Hoe, 1882
Peasants Driving Stakes, 1882 Suburb, 1882 The Hedge (also known as The Clearing), 1882
The Hollow Way, 1882 The Mower, 1882 The Stone Breaker, 1882
The Stone Breaker, 1882 White Houses, Ville d’Avray, 1882 Young Peasant in Blue, 1882
A house between trees, 1883 A River Bank (The Seine at Asnieres), 1883 Alley in the forest, Barbizon, 1883
Boats near the Beach at Asnieres, 1883 Boy with horse, 1883 Clothes on the Grass, 1883
Edge of Wood, Springtime, 1883 Farm Women at Work, 1883 Farmer to work, 1883
Forest of Barbizon, 1883 Horses in the Water, 1883 House with Red Roof, 1883
Large Figure in a Landscape, 1883 Man Painting his Boat, 1883 Men Laying Stakes, 1883
Peasant boy sitting in a meadow, 1883 Peasant Woman Seated in the Grass, 1883 Portrait of Edmond-François Aman-Jean, 1883
Rainbow, 1883 Seated Bather, 1883 Seated Man. Study for “Bathers at Asnieres”, 1883
Snow Effect: Winter in the Suburbs, 1883 Stone Breaker and Wheelbarrow, Le Raincy, 1883 Study for “Bathers at Asnieres”, 1883
The Artist’s Mother, 1883 The Black Horse, 1883 The Bridge – View of the Seine, 1883
The Riverbanks, 1883 The Riverside, 1883 The Stone Breakers, 1883
The Watering Can, 1883 Trees, winter, 1883 Two-horse hitch, 1883
Village Road, 1883 Voilette, 1883 Artist at work, 1884
Cadet From Saint-Cyr, 1884 Corner of a House, 1884 Courbevoie, Landscape With Turret, 1884
Final Study for Bathing at Asnieres, 1884 Horse and cart, 1884 La Grande Jatte, 1884
River Landscape with a boat, 1884 Riverman, 1884 River’s Edge, 1884
Rue St. Vincent in Spring, 1884 Sailboat, 1884 Seated and Standing Woman, 1884
Seated figures, 1884 Sketch with Many Figures for Sunday Afternoon on Grande Jatte, 1884 Study for “Un dimanche après midi à l’île de la Grande Jatte”, 1884
Study for ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’, 1884 Study on the Island, 1884 The Bank of the Seine, 1884
The Bineau Bridge, 1884 The Couple, 1884 The Gardener, 1884
The Rope-Colored Skirt, 1884 The Stone Breaker, 1884 Three Men Seated, 1884
Woman Fishing and Seated Figures, 1884 Woman with a Monkey, 1884 Woman with Umbrella, 1884
A canoes, 1885 Grandcamp, Evening, 1885 Landscape at Grandcamp, 1885
Landscape with Figure. Study for ‘La Grande Jatte’, 1885 Low Tide at Grandcamp, 1885 Race in Grandcamp, 1885
Study for “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte”, 1885 Study for “Un dimanche d’été à la Grande Jatte”, 1885 Study for ‘La Grande Jatte’, 1885
Study with Figures. Study for ‘La Grande Jatte’, 1885 The away Samson in Grandcamp, 1885 The Bec du Hoc, Grandcamp, 1885
The English Channel at Grandcamp, 1885 The Seine at Courbevoie, 1885 View of Fort Samson, 1885
White dog, 1885 Alfalfa, St. Denis, 1886 Beach at Bas Butin, Honfleur, 1886
End of the Jetty, Honfleur, 1886 Harbor in Honfleur, 1886 Hospice and Lighthouse, Honfleur, 1886
Model from the Back, 1886 Model in Profile, 1886 Mouth of the Seine at Honfleur, evening, 1886
Port of Honfleur, 1886 Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, 1886 The Maria, Honfleur, 1886
The Pont de Courbevoie, 1886 The Port of Honfleur, 1886 Study for ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’, 1886
Women by the Water, 1886 Anaïs Faivre Haumonté on her deathbed, 1887 The Bridge at Courbevoie, 1887
Trombone player, 1887 Circus Sideshow, 1888 Harbour at Port-en-Bessin at High Tide, 1888
Port-en-Bessin Entrance to the Harbor, 1888 Port-en-Bessin, The Outer Harbor, Low Tide, 1888 Port-en-Bessin, the Semaphore and Cliffs, 1888
Study for ‘Invitation to the Sideshow’, 1888 Sunday at Port-en-Bessin, 1888 The Channel at Gravelines, Grand Fort-Philippe, 1888
The Garbage Picker, c.1888 The Harbour and the Quays at Port-en-Bessin, 1888 The river Seine at La Grande-Jatte, 1888
The Seine at La Grande Jatte in the Spring, 1888 Woman Seated by an Easel, 1888 The Eiffel Tower, 1889
View of Crotoy, the Valley, 1889 Beach at Gravelines, 1890 Chahut, 1890
Portrait of Paul Signac, 1890 Study for “Young Woman Powdering Herself”, 1890 Study for The Chahut, 1890
Study for ‘The Channel at Gravelines’, 1890 Study for ‘The Channel at Gravelines, Evening’, 1890 The Channel at Gravelines, Evening, 1890
The Channel at Gravelines, in the Direction of the Sea, 1890 The Channel of Gravelines, Petit Fort Philippe, 1890 Young Woman Powdering Herself, 1890
Study for ‘The Circus’, 1891 The Circus, 1891 At work the land: man’s face in profile, leaning forward
Group of figures in front of a house and some trees Nurse sitting holding her baby On the balcony
Ploughing Ruins at Grandcamp Sleeping Woman
Stone crusher The black bow The cart or the horse hauler
The Forest at Pontaubert The Painter The Ploughman
The scene in the theater The tree trunk

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