George Inness Paintings

George Inness (1825–1894) was an American Landscape painter during the 19th century. He was greatly influenced by the Hudson River School and Barbizon School, however, he did not share the same spiritual beliefs with either of them. Instead, his spiritual beliefs as an artist were later informed by Emanuel Swedenborg’s theology. Inness’ paintings mimic the overall atmosphere of the landscape rather than attempting to imitate every small detail. He is considered one of the greatest American landscape painters due to his unique style, strong compositions, and color theory.

Paintings by George Inness in Chronological Order:

The Goat Herder, 1853 End of Day, 1855 The Lackawanna Valley, 1855
Sunset, c.1865 Going To Market, 1868 Lake Albano, 1869
Albano, Italy (The Roman Campagna), 1874 Sunset at Etretat, 1875 Trout Stream, North Conway, 1876
The Storm, 1885 Coast of Cornwall, 1891 Tenafly, Autumn, 1891
Early Moonrise, Florida, 1893 In the Gloaming, 1893 Summer Landscape, 1894
Cows by a Stream