Fyodor Alekseyev Paintings

Fedor Yakovlevich Alekseev (c. 1753 – November 23, 1824) was a Russian painter who concentrated on landscapes. Alekseev went to school at the Saint Petersburg Imperial Academy of Arts. He stayed in Venice for three years studying famous Italian and French landscape painters. When he returned to Saint Petersburg to work, he gained popularity. In 1800, Russia’s Emperor Paul commissioned paintings of Moscow. Learn more »

Paintings by Fyodor Alekseyev in Chronological Order

An Inner View of a Courtyard with a Garden. A Loggia in Venice, 1776 The Admiralty and the Winter Palace Viewed from the Military College, 1794 Town Square in Kherson, 1796
View of the Fortress of St. Peter and Paul and the Palace Embankmant, 1799 View of the Town Mykolaiv , 1799 Palace in Tsaritsyno in the Vicinity of Moscow, 1800
Potemkin Street, 1800 The Foundling Hospital in Moscow, 1800 The Monastery of Trinity and St. Sergius, 1800
Tverskaya Street and Triumphal Arch in the Strastnaya Square, 1800 View from the Kremlin’s Spassky Gate, 1800 View from the Lubyanka Square to Vladimirskiye Gate, 1800
View of Lubyanka, 1800 View of Moscow Near the Iversky Gate of the Kremlin, 1800 View of Moskvoretskaya Street, Zaryadye, Moscow, 1800
View of Saint Michael’s Castle, 1800 View of Saint Michael’s Castle(1), 1800 The Boyar’s Ground in the Moscow Kremlin, 1801
Illumination at Soboronaya Square on the occasion of the Coronation of Alexander I, 1802 North Side of Red Square, 1802 Church of Nikola the Big Cross on Ilyinka, 1805
Church of St. John the Baptist, Borovitskaya Tower and Stablings Prikaz (Department) in the Kremlin, 1805 Holy Resurrection Cathedral of New Jerusalem Monastery. Internal View, 1805 Ivan the Great Bell Tower and Chudov Monastery in the Kremlin, 1805
Kolomenskoe Village, 1805 Moskvoretskaya Street, 1805 New Jerusalem Monastery, 1805
Novaya Square, 1805 Terem and Church of Our Savior in a Pine Forest in the Kremlin, 1805 The Annunciation Cathedral and Faceted Palace, 1805
The Senate, Arsenal and Nikolskiye Gates in the Moscow Kremlin, 1805 Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, 1805 View of the Sovereign’s Palace and the Church of the Annunciation in the Rye Yard, 1805
View of Vladimirskiye (Nikolskiye) Gate of Kitai Gorod, 1805 View of Voskresenskiye (Resurrection) and Nikolskiye Gates, 1805 View of Voskresenskiye (Resurrection) and Nikolskiye Gates(1), 1805
View of the Palace Embankment from St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Fortress, 1810 View of the Stock Exchange and the Admiralty from the Fortress of St. Peter and Paul, 1810 View of the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg, 1811
View of the Voskresensky and Nikolsky Gates and the Neglinny Bridge from Tverskay Street in Moscow, 1811 Boyars’s Platform, 1815 View of the Kremlin from the Troitsky Gate, 1815
November 7, 1824 in the Square in front of the Bolshoi Theatre, 1824 Military Hospital at Lefortovo The Cathedral Square in the Moscow Kremlin
View of Nikolskaya Tower and Gates of Moscow Kremlin and the Moat in Place of Present Day Graveyard near Kremlin Wall and Part of Red Square View of the English Embankmant from Visilievsky Island in St. Petersburg View of the Kremlin and the Kamenny Bridge in Moscow
View of Voskresenskiye (Resurrection) Gates of Kitay Gorod, Nikolskye Gate of Kremlin and Neglinny Bridge View onto St. Michael’s Castle in St. Petersburg from the Fontanka Side Red Square, Moscow