Frits Thaulow Paintings

Frits Thaulow (October 20, 1847 – November 5, 1906) was a Norwegian impressionist painter, known for his beautiful landscape paintings of nature. He was born in Christiania to wealthy chemist, Harald Thaulow, and Nicoline “Nina” Louise Munch. Learn more »

Paintings by Frits Thaulow in Chronological Order

Evening at the Bay of Frogner, 1880 On the Grand Canal, Venice, 1885 In the Elbank, Hamburg, 1886
Skiers, c.1886 Winter on the Isle of Stord, 1890 Mill Scene, c.1890
Seine, c.1890 A Morning River Scene, 1891 A Factory Building near an Icy River in Winter, 1892
Alkejegeren, 1892 On a French River, 1893 Flooding by the Seine, 1893
Riverside, View of Abbeville, 1894 Marketplace in France, after a Rainstorm, 1894 The Mill, c.1895
Rialto, c.1895 At Quimperle, 1901 Midnight Mass, 1901
Beaulieu, 1903 The Pier, Dordrecht, 1905 Old factory on the Somme (Evening), 1906
A Snowy Harbor View A Stone Bridge Over a Stream in Winter A Village Street in France
After the Rain An Orchard on the Banks of a River The Battle of Arques, Normandy
Autumn Cottage by a Stream Cottage by a Canal in the Snow
River Landscape Golden Autumn, Brittany House by yhe Water's Edge
Woodland Scene with a River The Old Church by the River Winter in Paris
Winter Cottages by a River The Mill Pond
A River in the Winter A French River Landscape Winter at Simoa River
From Dieppe to Arques River Channel with Watermill The Dordogne
Marble Steps Landscape and River Washerwomen at Quimperle
French River Landscape with a Stone Bridge The Priest

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