Friedel Dzubas

Friedel Dzubas
Born Apr. 20, 1915
Berlin, Germany
Died 1994
Nationality American
Movement Color Field painting, Lyrical Abstraction
Field Abstract painting

Friedel Dzubas was a German born abstract painter whose studies began in Berlin before he settled in New York City in 1939. It was over a decade later however, that he began to exhibit his work. His Abstract Expressionist style could be easily seen at this time and he worked tirelessly exhibiting his art in the most famous galleries in New York City.

Style and Technique

During the 1960s Dzubas began to experiment with Color Field painting. This style of painting utilizes solid colors and a flat landscape to present color as the central focus. There was often an emphasis on geometric shapes, stripes and lines to represent a visually interesting piece of art. Dzubas used magna paint, scrubbing and thick strokes to create large scale paintings of colorful swirls and other shapes. His interesting use of color and form was transferred to others as he worked as an art teacher at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston from 1976 to 1983.

Famous Works

His works such as Dance and Passages played with the idea of color and shape. These works let the different hues tell a story that draws the viewer into the painting. The large brushstrokes and flat color work to create visually unique pieces of artwork. In addition, the large blocks of color were a common theme for many of Dzubas works during the 1960s. He later returned to a more Abstract Expressionist form that was seen in his very early works and which drew inspiration from his German heritage. Those works and others like it can be seen at the Smithsonian and other museums around the world.

Friedel Dzubas worked for decades to create his vast body of work. From his early training in Berlin to his many exhibits in New York and around the world, his influence can be seen. He died in 1994 in New York City.

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