Freedom of Worship

Freedom of Worship
Artist Norman Rockwell
Year 1943
Medium Oil on canvas
Location Norman Rockwell Museum,
Stockbridge, MA
Dimensions 46 in × 35.5 in
116.8 cm × 90 cm
Norman Rockwell Famous Artwork
Freedom of Speech, 1943
Freedom from Want, 1943
Freedom of Worship, 1943
Freedom from Fear, 1943
The Problem We All Live With, 1964
Breaking Home Ties, 1954
Russian Schoolroom, 1967
Rosie The Riveter, 1943
Complete Works

Freedom of Worship is an oil on canvas painting by Norman Rockwell. This painting is one of the set of four paintings representing the Four Freedoms. It dates back to the year 1943 and is considered an artistic representation of the Freedom of Religion. The painting features some people praying and showing their devotion to their respective gods. Inevitably, it was difficult to demonstrate different races and religions through painting, but Rockwell did quite a good job in depicting diversity in this regard.

Special Qualities

The painting is rather somber in that it includes few colors, such as black, white and beige. As a result it has a duotone color scheme. Rockwell makes use of light as well as repetition of faces and hands to bring out an intense message relating to devotion.

Style and Techniques

The style of this painting is known as Regionalism. This type of genre painting with oil is not only interesting but also inspirational to many.

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  1. Santaanacanyon says:

    Note how each person is staring in a
    different direction.

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