Franz Kline Paintings

Franz Kline (1910 – 1962) was an American Abstract Expressionist painter who was known for his distinct style of dark paint splotched over a white canvas. His contemporaries included painters such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Lee Krasner, among others. Willem de Kooning was a great inspiration to Kline and introduced him to the concept of abstract painting. Kline’s work is characterized by its energetic brushwork and bold monochromic paint application.

Paintings by Franz Kline in Chronological Order:

Hot Jazz, 1940 Chatham Square, 1948 Cardinal, 1950
Chief, 1950 Figure Eight –, 1952 Untitled II, c.1952
New York, 1953 Suspended, 1953 Herald, 1954
Number 2, 1954 Accent Grave, 1955 Orange Outline, 1955
Untitled, 1955 Buttress, 1956 Four Square, 1956
Mahoning, 1956 UNTITLED, 1956 Untitled, 1957
Untitled, 1957 C and O, 1958 Mycenae, 1958
Zinc Yellow, 1959 Blueberry Eyes, 1960 Horizontal Rust, 1960
Torches Mauve, 1960 Untitled, c.1960 Meryon, 1961
Palladio, 1961 Scudera, 1961 Black and White.png
Delaware Gap Le Gros Number 2
Opustena Painting No. 7 Picture 046

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