Frans Hals Paintings

Frans Hals (1582–1666) was a Dutch artist who was well known for his portraiture and genre paintings. He was born in Antwerp, Belgium, but during the Fall of Antwerp his family fled to Haarlem, Netherlands. Hals would remain in Haarlem for the rest of his life and went on to have a large family with several children. He became a successful painter whose style was characterized by his bold, sophisticated brushwork and use of color. His paintings would later inspire and influence several 19th century artists, including Édouard Manet,  John Singer Sargent, and Claude Monet.

Paintings by Frans Hals in Chronological Order:

Jacobus Zaffius, 1611 Portrait of a woman, c.1611 Portrait of a Man Holding a Skull, 1612
Shrovetide Revellers (The Merry Company), c.1615 A Banquet of the Officers of the St. George Militia Company, 1616 Pieter Cornelisz. Van der Morsch, 1616
Portrait of a Man, 1612-1616 Portrait of Theodorus Schrevelius, 1617 Catarina Both van der Eem, c.1619-c.1620
Catharina Hooft with her Nurse, c.1619-c.1620 Family Group in a Landscape, c.1620 Group of Children (detail), c.1620
Paulus van Beresteyn, c.1619-c.1620 The Rommel Pot Player, c.1618-c.1620 Married Couple in a Garden (detail), c.1622
Married Couple in a Garden (detail), c.1622 Portrait of a Man, 1622 Singing Boy with a Flute, 1623
Young Man and Woman in an Inn (Yonker Ramp and His Sweetheart), 1623 Portrait of a Jester with a Lute, c.1623-c.1624 The Laughing Cavalier , 1624
Boy with a Lute, c.1625 Laughing boy, c.1625 Portrait of a Bearded Man with a Ruff, 1625
Portrait of Aletta Hanemans, 1625 St. Luke, c.1625 Two Boys Singing, c.1625
Willem Van Heythuyzen, c.1625 Anna van der Aar, 1626 Petrus Scriverius, 1626
Portrait of Isaak Abrahamsz Massa, 1626 Banquet of the Officers of the St. George Civic Guard Company (detail), c.1627 Mulatto, 1627
Portrait of a Man, c.1627 Two laughing boys with a beer mug, c.1626-c.1627 Verdonck, 1627
Boy holding a Flute (Hearing), 1626-1628 Drinking Boy (Taste), 1626-1628 A Young Man in a Large Hat, 1626-1629
Portrait of a woman, known as The Gipsy girl, 1629 A Boy with a Viol, 1625-1630 A Kitchen Interior with a Maid and a Lady Preparing Game, 1625-1630
Fruit and Vegetable Seller, 1630 Portrait of a Man, 1630 Portrait of Samuel Ampzing, c.1630
The Merry Drinker, 1628-1630 Nicolaes Woutersz van der Meer, 1631 Fisher Boy, 1630-1632
Fisher Girl, 1630-1632 Man with hand on heart, 1632 Pieter van den Broecke, 1633
Portrait of a Man, 1633 Portrait of a Man, 1633 Portrait of a woman, 1633
Portrait of a woman, 1630-1633 Portrait of a Man, c.1634 Portrait of a Man, 1634
Portrait of an Unknown Man, 1634 Family portrait, c.1635 Feyntje van Steenkiste, c.1635
Malle Babbe, 1633-1635 Portait of a woman, 1635 Portrait of a Man, c.1635
Portrait of a man, possibly Nicolaes Hasselaer, 1630-1635 Portrait of Isaac Abrahamsz, 1635 Portrait of a seated officer, 1637
The company of Captain Reinier Reael and Lieutenant Cornelis Michielsz. Blaeuw, known as the ‘Meagre Company’, 1633-1637 Captain Andries van Hoorn, 1638 Maria Pietersdochter Olycan, 1638
Portrait of a forty year old woman with folded hands, 1638 Portrait of a Man, 1638 Portrait of a Member of the Haarlem Civic Guard, c.1636-c.1638
Portrait of a Woman, 1638 Portrait of Jean de la Chambre at the age of 33, 1638 Portrait of Mary Pietersdr. Olycan, c.1638
Officers And Sergeants Of The St. Hadrian Civic Guard, 1639 Daniel van Aken Playing the Violin, c.1640 Portrait of a Man, c.1640
Portrait of a woman, c.1640 Portrait of a Woman with a Fan, 1640 Portrait of a young man, c.1638-c.1640
Portrait of a Young Man with a Glove, c.1640 Regents of the St. Elisabeth’s Hospital, Haarlem, 1641 A Dutch Lady, 1643
Peeckelhaering (The Jolly Reveller), 1640-1643 Portrait of a Man, 1643 Portrait of an unknown woman, 1643
Portrait of Paulus Verschuur, 1643 Dorothea Berck, 1644 Joseph Coymans, 1644
Portrait of a Man, 1644 Portrait of a woman, 1644 Portrait of a Man holding Gloves, c.1645
Portrait of a Seated Man, c.1645 Portrait of a Standing Man, 1643-1645 Portrait of Jasper Schade van Westrum, 1645
Portrait of Willem Coymans, 1645 Adriaen van Ostade, 1648 Family Group in a Landscape, c.1648
Portrait of a Young Man, 1646-1648 Portrait of Rene Descartes, c.1649 Family Group in a Landscape, c.1647-c.1650
Portrait Of A Man, 1650 Portrait of a man, 1648-1650 Portrait of a Seated Woman, 1648-1650
Portrait of a Seated Woman Holding a Fan, 1648-1650 Portrait of a woman, c.1650 The painter Jan Asselyn, 1650
Isabella Coymans, c.1650-c.1652 Portrait of a woman, 1652 Portrait of a Man, 1650-1653
Portrait of a Man, 1654 Frans Post, c.1655 Portrait of a Man, c.1650-c.1655
Portrait of a Young Woman, 1655 Portrait of Tyman Oosdorp, 1656 Herman Langelius, c.1660
Portrait of a Man, c.1660 Portrait of a Man, possibly a minister, c.1660 Portrait of a Preacher, c.1658-c.1660
Portrait of a young man, c.1655-c.1660 Portrait of a young woman, c.1655-c.1660 Vincent Laurensz. van der Vinne., c.1655-c.1660
Portrait of an Unknown Man, 1660-1663 The Regentesses of the Old Men’s Almhouse, Haarlem, 1664 Portrait of a Seated Man, 1660-1666
Portrait of a Seated Woman, 1660-1666 Portrait of Willem Croes, c.1660-c.1666 An Old Lady
Boy Playing A Violin Fisher boy Johannes Hoornbeek
Lesender Knabe Marriage Portrait of Isaac Massa and Beatrix van der Laen Peasants At A Wedding Feast
Portrait of a woman Portrait of a woman Portrait of Stephanus Geeraerdts, Alderman of Haarlem
The Laughing Child The Rommel Pot Player Three childeren with a goat cart