Frank Johnston Paintings

Frank Johnston (1888 – 1949) was a Canadian landscape painter and member of the Group of Seven. He spent a few years in the United States studying art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and when he returned to Canada he secured a job with the Ontario College of Art. He preferred to paint using tempura instead of oils, setting him apart from other members of the Group of Seven. As he matured as an artist, his landscape paintings became more realistic.

Paintings by Frank Johnston in Chronological Order:

A Northern Night, 1917 Moose Pond, 1918 Patterned Hillside, 1918
C Flight Machine Cracked on Hangar B, 1918 What Greets the Eye When You Look Back at the Pilot , 1918 Camp Borden, 1919
Fire Swept Algoma, 1920 The Fire Ranger, 1920 Thunderers, 1920
The Dark Woods Interior, 1921 Serenity Lake of the Woods, 1922 Autumn, Algoma
Green Pool The Shadowed Valley