Frank Auerbach Paintings

Frank Helmut Auerbach (born April 29, 1931) is a German-born painter. Since 1947, he has been naturalized a British citizen. Learn more »

Paintings by Frank Auerbach in Chronological Order

Head of E.O.W, 1960 Head of E.O.W. I, 1960 The Sitting Room, 1964
Study after Tician I, 1965 Study after Tician II, 1965 Reclining Figure I, 1966
Reclining Figure II, 1966 Seated Figure, 1966 Head of G.B., 1967
Primrose Hill, 1968 The Origins of the Great Bear, 1968 Working Drawing for `Primrose Hill’, 1968
Working Drawing for `Primrose Hill'(1), 1968 Figure on the Bed, 1967-1970 Bacchus and Ariadne, 1971
Head of Paula Eyles, 1972 Rimbaud, 1975-1976 Rimbaud, 1976
To the Studios, 1979-1980 J.Y.M. Seated No. 1, 1981 Jake, 1990
To the Studios, 1990-1991 Portrait of Julia, 2000 In the Studio, 2003
Tower Blocks, 2007 Albero di Fronte, 2008 David Landau, 2008
The Awning, 2008 Albero di Fronte(1), 2009 David Landau(1), 2009
David Landau(2), 2009 Behind Camden Town Station, Summer Evening E.O.W. on Her Blue Eiderdown III
Empire Cinema, Modern Postcard Head of E.O.W. Head of E.O.W. IV
Head of Gerda Boehm Head of Julia Maples Demo
Mornington Crescent Park Village To the Studios
Tree in Tretire Tree in Tretire II

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