François Boucher Paintings

François Boucher (September 29, 1703 – May 30, 1770) was a French painter. Boucher had a Rococo tendency, known for his voluptuous and idyllic paintings on classical themes and decorative allegories representing pastoral occupations or the arts, intended as a sort of two-dimensional furniture. He also painted several portraits of a patroness, Madame de Pompadour. Learn more »

Paintings by François Boucher in Alphabetical Order

Adoration of the Magi, 1755-1760 Breakfast, 1739 An Autumn Pastoral, 1749
Francois Boucher, 1737 Head of a Woman from Behind, c.1740 Head of King Louis XV, c.1729
Lady with an Umbrella Landscape near Beauvais early , 1740 Landscape with the brother Lucas, c.1750
Landscape with Kirschpflückerin, 1768 Madame Bergeret, 1766 Madame Bergeret, 1756
Marquise de Pompadour, c.1750 Portrait of Carl Gustaf Tessin, c.1740 Portrait of Louis Philippe of Orléans, c.1750
Portrait of Madame Boucher, c.1744 Portrait of the artist`s daughter, c.1760 Portrait of the artist`s wife, 1743
Portrait of a Lady with Muff River Landscape with Ruin and Bridge Shepherd and Shepherdess Reposing, 1761
St. Peter Invited to Walk on the Water, 1766 Summer Pastoral, 1749 The Bridge, 1751
The Enchanted Home A Pastoral Landscape Surmounted by Cupid The Fountain of Love, 1748 The interrupted sleep, 1750
The Light of the World, 1750 The Mill, 1751 The Modiste, c.1746
The Painter in his Studio , 1730-1735 The Rest on the Flight into Egypt The beautiful kitchen
The Chinese Garden The Toilet

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