Francesco Guardi Paintings

Francesco Guardi (1712–1793) was an Italian painter who belonged to the Venetian School of Painting. His earlier works were influenced by his collaboration with his brother, Gian Antonio. Eventually he began to develop his own style which was characterized by loose brushstrokes. Guardi’s paintings would later inspire many artists during the Impressionist movement.

Paintings by Francesco Guardi in Chronological Order:

The Parlour of the San Zaccaria Convent, 1745-1750 Town with a Bridge, c.1750 Masked Meeting, 1755
Nighttime Procession in Piazza San Marco, 1758 The Lagoon with Boats, Gondolas, and Rafts, 1758 The Piazzetta, Looking toward San Giorgio Maggiore, 1758
The Giudecca Canal with the Zattere, 1759 The Lagoon from the Fondamenta Nuove, 1759 Capriccio with Venetian Motifs, 1760
Piazza San Marco, 1760 San Cristoforo, San Michele and Murano, Seen from the Fondamenta Nuove, 1755-1760 The Molo and the Riva degli Schiavoni from the Bacino di San Marco, 1760
The Molo and the Riva degli Schiavoni from the Bacino di San Marco, c.1760 Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo, 1762-1763 The Rialto Bridge with the Palazzo dei Camerlenghi, 1763
The Grand Canal at the Fish Market (Pescheria), 1765 The Grand Canal, Looking toward the Rialto Bridge, 1765 The Piazza San Marco towards the Basilica, 1760-1765
Audience Granted by the Doge, 1766-1770 Carnival Thursday on the Piazzetta, 1766-1770 Departure of the Bucentaur Towards the Venice Lido on Ascension Day, 1766-1770
Piazza San Marco, Venice, c.1770 The Coronation of the Doge, 1766-1770 The Doge at the Basilica of La Salute, 1766-1770
The Doge on the Bucentaur at San Niccol del Lido, 1766-1770 The Doge on the Bucintoro near the Riva di Sant’Elena, 1766-1770 The Gondola on the Lagoon, 1765-1770
The Lagoon Looking toward Murano from the Fondamenta Nuove, 1765-1770 The Three Arched Bridge at Cannaregio, 1765-1770 The Torre del Orologio, 1765-1770
The Torre del Orologio, 1765-1770 View of Piazzetta San Marco towards the San Giorgio Maggiore, 1770 The Basin of Saint Mark’s Square, with San Giorgio and the Giudecca, c.1774 (oil on canvas), 1770-1774
Landscape with a Fisherman’s, 1770-1775 The Feast of the Ascension, 1775 Venice: San Giorgio Maggiore, c.1775
Venice: The Dogana with the Giudecca, c.1775 View of the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, 1765-1775 An Architectural Caprice, c.1777
Doge Alvise IV Mocenigo Appears to the People in St. Mark’s Basilica, 1775-1777 Piazza San Marco, 1777 City View, 1775-1780
Landscape, c.1780 San Giorgio Maggiore, 1775-1780 The Grand Canal with San Simeone Piccolo and Santa Lucia, 1780
The Grand Canal with Santa Lucia and the Scalzi, 1780 The Molo from the Bacino, 1775-1780 Venetian Capriccio, 1775-1780
Venice, Il Rio dei Mendicanti, 1780 View of the Molo towards the Santa Maria della Salute, 1775-1780 Ladies Concert at the Philharmonic Hall, 1782
Pope Pius VI Blessing the People on Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo, 1782 The Punta di Dogana, c.1782 View of the Campo San Zanipolo in Venice, 1782
Hot Air Balloon Rising, 1784 Outward Voyage of the Bucintoro to San Nicol del Lido, 1785-1788 Fire in the Oil Depot at San Marcuola, 1789
The Fire at San Marcuola, 1789 Bridge at Dolo Church of Santa-Maria Zobenigo
San Giorgio Maggiore Venice, a View of the Piazzetta Looking South with the Palazzo Ducale Venice: A View of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore Seen from the Giudecca
Venice: A View of the Entrance to the Grand Canal View of the Island of San Giorgio in Alga, Venice View of the Island of San Michele near Murano, Venice
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