Artist Botticelli
Year 1470
Medium Tempera on panel
Location Uffizi in Florence, Italy
Dimensions 66 in × 34 in
167 cm × 87 cm
Famous Paintings by Botticelli
Adoration of the Magi
The Birth of Venus
Cestello Annunciation
Saint Augustine
Venus and Mars
The Mystical Nativity
Temptations of Christ
Complete Works

Sandro Botticelli is among the greatest Renaissance painters. His first known, completed work is Fortitude, which is currently held in the Galleria degli Uffizi, in Florence.

Properly known as the “Allegory of Fortitude,” the painting personifies the virtue of in the form of a young woman sitting upon a thrown and holding a scepter as she gazes pensively to the right (her left). The painting is believed to have been completed in 1470.

Fortitude is among the four “worldly virtues,” along with Temperance, Prudence and Justice. They are matched with the three Christian values of Faith, Hope and Charity. A panel of these seven virtues was commissioned by the Commercial Courts of Florence, Italy.

quickly established the young Botticelli as an important artist and launched his career. It was his first paid commission. This work is most often described as “inspiring” by those who view it. The young woman is feminine, yet projects a sense of powerful, steady strength. She is adorned in flowing garments dominated by red, but muted with grays and browns.

Some say Fortitude appears pregnant, while others attribute the somewhat fulsome appearance of her midsection to the layered, pillowed style of clothing. Fortitude is a true masterpiece among an era when some of the world’s greatest art was produced.

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