First Intermediate Period of Egypt

The First Intermediate Period was an era of political chaos and strife. Egypt once again split into two competing powers. The period included the 7th to part of the 11th Dynasties. Very little documentary evidence exists from this period, due to a lot of the temples being pillaged and robbed. The two kingdoms during this era eventually clashed, with the rulers of Thebes coming out of the conflict victorious. Ancient Egypt was finally reunited again later in the 11th Dynasty.

First Intermediate Period of Egypt Timeline (c. 2181-2055 B.C.)

2184 BC AnkhnesmeryreII-and-Son-Pepi-II-sqPepi II passes away, outliving his heirs and leaving ancient Egypt in a state of disorder
2181 – 2160 BC 7th and 8th Dynasties. Very little documentation exists for the kings of this era. Manetho, a priest/historian from the Ptolemaic period, describes 70 pharaohs who each ruled for 70 days. He probably meant to imply the disorganization that occured during these dynasties.
2134 BC Nomes_of_Ancient_Egypt_small Egypt divides into Thebes in Upper Egypt (south) and Heracleopolis in Lower Egypt (north)
2160 – 2130 BC The 9th Dynasty ruled. Egypt was ruled by Heracleopolitan pharaohs who Manetho described as evil and violent. Records from this era are either undocumented or lost.
2130 – 2040 BC The 10th Dynasty reigns over Lower Egypt. They rose out of the Siut (or Asyut) province, south of the Heracleopolitan kingdom
2134 – 1991 BC The 11th Dynasty reigns. They were originally seated in Upper Egypt and were known as the Theban pharaohs.
2061 BC Nebhepetre-Mentuhotep-II-from-a-block-at-Deir-el-Bahri-sq Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II becomes pharaoh in Thebes

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