Ferdinand Hodler Paintings

Ferdinand Hodler (1853–1918) was a Swiss painter from the 19th century. He painted landscapes and portraits, drawing inspiration from both Gustave Courbet and Paul Gauguin. Eventually he began using the term “Parallelism” to describe his specific brand of Symbolist works which incorporated themes of philosophy, simplification, and repetition.

Paintings by Ferdinand Hodler in Chronological Order:

Charlet in Hilterfingen, 1871 A morning in Interlaken, 1875 Landscape at the Jonction at Geneva, 1878
Pastures at the Jonction at Geneva, 1878 Spanish landscape, 1878 The bull, 1878
The Reaper, c.1878 Self-portrait with stand, 1879 At the Jonction, c.1880
Devotion, 1882 Prayer in the Saint Pierre Cathedral in Geneva, 1882 Samoëns, c.1882
The cobbler by the window, 1882 The netmender, c.1883 Portrait of Louise Delphine Duchosal, 1885
Seamstress, 1885 The Beech Forest, 1885 The Good Samaritan
Child by the table, 1889 At the foot of the Petit Saleve, 1890 At the foot of the Salève, 1890
The Golden meadow, 1890 Willow tree by the lake, 1890 Saleve in autumn, 1891
Self-portrait in Paris, 1891 Unemployed, 1891 The life of Weary, 1892
At the foot of the Petit Saleve, 1893 Landscape with two small trees, c.1893 Maggia Delta before sunrise, 1893
What are flowers saing, 1893 Worship, c.1893 Portrait of Berthe Jacques, 1894
Lake Geneva on the evening in Chexbres, 1895 The Halberdier, 1895 Compositional study to retreat from Marignano, c.1897
Portrait of Madame de R., 1898 The Gantrisch, 1898 Emotion, 1900
Spring, 1901 Forest with a mountain stream, 1902 The Consecrated One, 1903
View of the Horn of Fromberg from Reichenbach, 1903 Lake Geneva from Chexbres, 1904 Lake Thun from Lessig, 1904
Thun, Stockhornkette, 1904 Cherry Tree in Bloom, 1905 View of Lake Leman from Chexbres, 1905
The Grammont, 1906 Transfiguration, c.1906 Tree on the Lake of Brienz near Bödeli, 1906
The fall in Silvaplana, 1907 Cavalryman striding a horse, 1908 Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau in Moonlight, 1908
Jena Students Depart for the War of Liberation, 1813, 1908 Jenenser Student, 1908 Landscape with of rhythm, 1908
Rhythmic landscape on Lake Geneva, 1908 The German students in the War of Liberation of 1813, 1908 The German students in the War of Liberation of 1813, 1908
Schynige plate, 1909 The working mower, 1909 Ahasver, 1910
Giulia Leonardi, 1910 Hilly Landscape with Ravens, in the Bernese Oberland, 1910 Niesen, 1910
Portrait of Giulia Leonardi, 1910 The Woodman, 1910 Lake Geneva in Chexbres, 1911
Portrait of Willy Russ, 1911 Studies of self-portrait, 1911 The Lake, 1911
The Monk with clouds, 1911 Unity, 1911 Woman in Ecstasy, 1911
From Le Grand Muveran Villars, 1912 Grand Muveran, 1912 Portrait of Gertrud Mueller, c.1912
Self portrait, 1912 Swearing from behind, c.1912 Swearing to the right, c.1912
Swearing to the right, c.1912 The Orator, c.1912 Thun, Stockhornkette, evening, c.1912
Thun, Stockhornkette, in clouds, c.1912 Wetterhorn, c.1912 Landscape near Champery, 1913
Unity, c.1913 Valentine Gode Darel, with disheveled hair, 1913 Lake Geneva with six swans, 1914
Self-portrait with roses, 1914 The Monk, 1914 Valentine Gode Darel in hospital bed, 1914
Montanasee, 1915 Peaks in the morning, 1915 Portrait of General Ulrich Wille, 1915
Portrait of James Vibert, 1915 The river Aare in Solothurn, 1915 Weisshorn of Montana, 1915
Mountain stream near Champéry, 1916 Portrait of General Ulrich Wille, 1916 Portrait of Georges Navazza, 1916
Portrait study to “Look into the infinity”, 1916 Self portrait, 1916 Study of self-portrait, 1916
Study of self-portrait, 1916 Dents du Midi in Clouds, 1917 Landscape at Caux with increasing clouds, 1917
Sunset on Lake Geneva from the Caux, 1917 Lake Geneva with Mont Blanc at dawn, 1918 Lake Geneva with Mont Blanc before sunrise, 1918
A Troubled Soul A View of Lake Brienz from Bodeli Adoration
Floraison Joyous Woman Jungfrau and Silverhorn, as Seen from Murren
Lake Thun with Stockhornkette in Winter Mother and Child Portrait of Gertrud Muller
Portrait of Helene Weigle Portrait of Miss Lina Kyburz Reading-man
Silence of the Evening The Angry One The Convalescent
The Dying Valentine Gode-Darel The student (Self-portrait) View into Infinity