Félix Vallotton Paintings

Félix Edouard Vallotton (December 28, 1865 – December 29, 1925) was a Swiss printmaker and painter associated with Les Nabis. He was an important individual who contributed to the establishment of the modern woodcut. Learn more »

Paintings by Felix Vallotton in Chronological Order

The Artist`s Mother, 1884 My portrait, 1885 Paul Vallotton, the Artist`s Brother, 1886
Portrait of Juliette Lacour (model), 1886 The Artist`s Parents, 1886 Felix Jasinski in His Printmaking Studio, 1887
Félix Stanislas Jasinski, 1887 Portrait of the Artist`s Brother with Hat, 1888 The Coal Scuttles, 1889
The port of Pully (study), 1889 My portrait, 1891 The Port of Pully, 1891
The Patient, 1892 Outskirts of Lausanne, 1893 Portrait of Edouard Vuillard, 1893
The Garden of Luxembourg, 1893 The Waltz, 1893 The Third Gallery at The Theatre, 1894
At the Market, 1895 In The Street Woman with Muff, 1895 Luxembourg Garden, 1895
Street Scene, 1895 The Bistro, c.1895 The Laundress, 1895
Moonlight, 1895 Woman with a Plumed Hat, 1895 Felix Feneon at the Revue Blanche, 1896
Sunset Naked Women Playing Checkers, 1897 Passerby (also known as Street Scene), 1897
Portrait of Thadee Nathanson, 1897 Self-portrait, 1897 Vuillard Valloton in Natanson, 1897
Intimacy Couple in Interior, 1898 Misia at Her Dressing Table, 1898 Poster Ah La Pé…la Pé…La Pepinière, 1898
Private Conversation, 1898 The Good market (Triptych), 1898 The Kiss, 1898
The Lie, 1898 Bathe with Etretat, 1899 Interior Red Room with Woman and Child, 1899
Laid down woman, sleeping, 1899 Madame Felix Vallotton at Her Dressing Table, 1899 Mme. Felix Vallotton, 1899
On the Beach, 1899 The Ball, 1899 The Dinner, effect of lamp, 1899
The Fourteenth of July at Etretat, 1899 The Visit, 1899 Washerwomen at Etretat (also known as Woman Drying Laundry on the Beach), 1899
Autumn Crocuses, 1900 Cloud at Romanel, 1900 The Lake Lema, effect of the evening, 1900
The Lake Leman, effect of the evening, 1900 The Laundress, Blue Room, 1900 Woman being capped, 1900
Woman Reading to a Little Girl, 1900 Red Sand and Snow, 1901 The pier of Honfleur, 1901
The Port of Marseille, 1901 Woman Searching through a Cupboard, 1901 The Pont Neuf, 1901
Gossip, 1902 Portrait of Baudelaire, 1902 Portrait of Berlioz, 1902
Portrait of Verlaine, 1902 Portrait of workshop with figure (my wife), 1902 Portrait of Zola, 1902
The Poker Game, 1902 The Way to Locquirec, 1902 The Five Painters: Bonnard, Vuillard, Roussel, Cottet and Vallotton, 1902
Gabrielle Vallotton at the Piano, 1904 Interior with Woman in Pink, 1904 Interior, Bedroom with Two Figures, 1904
Interior, Vestibule by Lamplight, 1904 Lady at the Piano, 1904 The Black Stocking, 1904
Twilight, 1904 Undergrowth, 1904 Alfred Athis (Pseudonym of Alfred Natanson), 1906
Marthe Mellot (wife of Alfred Natanson), 1906 White flowers in a vase decorated, 1906 Still Life with Self-portrait, 1906
Martello tower in Guernsey, 1907 Portrait of Gertrude Stein, 1907 My portrait, 1908
Portrait de Gabrielle Vallotton, 1908 Portrait of Madame Hasen, 1908 At the Cafe (also known as The Provincial), 1909
Box Seats at the Theater, the Gentleman and the Lady, 1909 Villa Beaulieu, Honfleur, 1909 Sunset, 1910
View of Honfleur, 1910 Coquettery, 1911 Coquettery, 1911
Last sun rays, 1911 Seated Black Woman, Front View, 1911 Sunset, Gray Blue High Tide, 1911
Young Woman with Yellow Scarf, 1911 Pinks and daisies or Pinks and dahlias, 1912 The blossoming field, 1912
Neva, light fog, 1913 Portrait of Mr. Hasen, 1913 The door of Bulagaio, 1913
The Rising Tide, 1913 The Yellow Sheet, 1913 Trinity of the Mount, 1913
A Gurnard one has towel, 1914 Landscape off ruins and fires, 1914 Self-portrait with the dressing gown, 1914
Jug with yellow primroses, 1915 Les Javelles, 1915 Still Life with Red Peppers on a White Lacquered Table, 1915
The Entrance to the Villa Beaulieu in Honfleur (also known as Before the Storm), YEAR To remember Andelys, 1916 Ruins at Souain, 1917
Ruins at Souain, Sunset, 1917 Senegalese soldiers at Camp de Mailly, 1917 The Church of Souain in Sihlouette, 1917
To lay down sun with Villerville, 1917 Vallon breton, 1917 Verdun, 1917
Landscape made in wood, 1918 Meat and eggs, 1918 Sunset, 1918
The Ham, 1918 Apples, 1919 Landscape at Sunset, 1919
Still Life with Blue Checkered Tablecloth, 1919 The Beach with Honfleur gold Beach with Multitude off figures, 1919 Alyscamps, 1920
Flowers and Strawberries, 1920 Roses and nasturtiums, 1920 Still Life with Roses, 1920
Tulipes perroquet, 1920 USous wood, c.1920 Basket of Cherries, 1921
The Lake in the Bois de Boulogne, 1921 View of Cagne from Horseback, 1921 Chaste Suzanne, 1922
Chrysanthemums and Autumn Foliage, 1922 Part of the Town of Pont Audemer, 1922 Still Life with Blue trim, 1922
The Family of Trees, 1922 A Vallon Landscape, 1922 Evening on the Loire, 1923
Landscape in Cagnes, 1923 Still Life with Large Earthenware Jug, 1923 Chateau Gaillard at Andelys, 1924
Houses and reeds, 1921 Marigolds and Tangerines, 1924 Moroccan jug and pears, 1924
Still Life with Gladioli, 1924 The Strong Castle and the place of Andelys, 1924 Rocamadour Landscape, 1925
Self-portrait, 1925 Still life in Chinese painting, 1925 The Dordogne with Carrenac, 1925
A Street (also known as Street Corner) Portrait of Russian philosopher Nikolai Konstantinovich Mikhailovsky

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