Eva Gonzalès Paintings

Eva Gonzalès (1849–1883) was a French Impressionist painter. She began studying art when she was sixteen under the tutelage of Charles Chaplin. Unfortunately, Gonzalès was never able to attend any of the more prestigious academic schools for male artists because she was a woman. Despite this, Gonzalès went on to become Edouard Manet’s one and only pupil. Even though her work is labeled as Impressionist, she did not fully identify with the Impressionists and never attended any of their galleries. Instead, Gonzalès maintained her desire to enter the traditional Paris Salon. She accomplished this goal in 1870.

Paintings by Eva Gonzalès in Chronological Order:

Child with a pipe, 1870 Portrait of a Young Woman, c.1865-c.1870 Farm at Rebais, c.1871-c.1872
The Indolence, c.1871-c.1872 A Box at the Italian Theatre, 1874 Afternoon Tea (aka On the Terrace), 1875
The Little Lever, c.1875-c.1876 Woman Awakening, 1876 Secretly, 1877-1878
Portrait of a Woman in White, 1879 The Donkey Ride, 1880 White Shoes, 1879-1880
Roses in a Glass, c.1880-c.1882 An actress with a mask Dieppe Beach View From The Cliff West
Nanny with a Child Portrait of Jeanne Gonzales in Profile Reading in the Forest
The Front Port The Milliner The Toilet
The Young Student Women in White