Eugène Boudin Famous Paintings

Eugène Boudin (July 12, 1824 – August 8, 1898) was one of the first French landscape painters to paint outdoors. As a marine painter, Boudin was an expert in the rendering portraits of the sea and sea shores. His pastels, economic and summary, garnered the splendid eulogy of Baudelaire. Corot, admiring his pictures, said to him, “You are the master of the sky.” Learn more »

Famous Paintings by Eugène Boudin

Portrait of the Artist’s Father (Leonard-Sebastien Boudin), 1850 Le Havre, Francais tower, c.1854 Farm near Quimper, c.1855
Fishermen by the Water, c.1855 Forgiveness in the St. Anne chapel at Palud Plonévez Porzay (Finistère), 1858 Spray of Flowers, 1858
Le Havre, the Town Hotel and the Francois I Tower, 1859 Cattle market at Daoulas, Brittany, 1861 Beach Scene, Trouville, 1863
Crinolines on the Beach, 1863 Deauville, Low Tide, c.1863 Approaching Storm, 1864
Beach Scene at Trouville, 1866 By the Bathing Machines, 1866 Evening, Le Havre, 1866

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