Edwin Lord Weeks Paintings

Edwin Lord Weeks (–1903) was an American artist who became popular for his Orientalist paintings. He trained under the artists Léon Bonnat and Jean-Léon Gérôme in Paris. Most of Weeks’ career was spent traveling throughout Eastern countries and gathering inspiration for his paintings. His travels later resulted in a book that he wrote and illustrated called From the Black Sea through Persia and India.

Paintings by Edwin Lord Weeks in Chronological Order:

Winter Landscape, 1866 The Moorish Bazaar, 1873 The Camel Rider, 1875
A Court in the Alhambra, 1876 Blacksmith Shop at Tangiers, 1876 Tangiers, 1878
The Arms Merchant, c.1878 Study of a Moor in Blue, c.1878 Scene at Sale, Morocco, 1879
At The River Crossing, 1880 By The Well, 1880 Gate of Shehal, Morocco, 1880
Girl in a Moorish Courtyard, 1880 Interior of the Mosque at Cordoba, c.1880 Open Market, Morocco, 1880
Arrival of a Caravan Outside The City of Morocco, c.1882 Powder Play City of Morocco, outside the Walls, c.1880-c.1882 Old Blue Tiled Mosque, Outside of Delhi, India, c.1883
On The River Benares, c.1883 The Barge Of The Maharaja Of Benares, c.1883 White Marble Tomb at Suittitor, Skiri, 1883
Muttra, 1883 Before A Mosque, 1883 The Last Voyage, 1884
A Marketplace in Ispahan, 1885 Craftsman Selling Cases By A Teak Wood Building, Ahmedabad, c.1885 Entering The Mosque, c.1885
Festival At Fatehpur Sikri, c.1885 Outside An Indian Dye House, c.1885 Street Scene, Bombay, c.1885
Street Vendor, Ahmedabad, c.1885 Temples and bathing ghat at Benares, 1883-1885 Great Mogul And His Court Returning From The Great Mosque At Delhi, India, c.1886
The Return Of The Imperial Court From The Great Nosque At Delhi, In The Reign Of Shah Jehan, 1886 Leaving For The Hunt At Gwalior, c.1887 The Maharahaj of Gwalior Before His Palace, c.1887
A Street Market Scene, India, 1887 A Rajah Of Jodhpur, c.1888 Arrival Of Prince Humbert, The Rajah, At The Palace Of Amber, c.1888
Street Scene In India, 1888 Street Scene In India, 1884-1889 An Open Air Restaurant, Lahore, 1889
The Golden Temple, Amritsar, 1890 Birdhouse and Market Ahmedabad, India, 1887-1892 Early Morning by Lake Urumiyah, Persia, 1892
Palace and Lake at Sarket Ahmedabad, India, 1882-1893 Feeding The Sacred Pigeons, Jaipur, c.1894 Figures in the Courtyard of a Mosque, c.1893-c.1895
Royal Elephant at the Gateway to the Jami Masjid, Mathura, c.1895 Traveling in Persia, c.1895 Woman’s Bathing Place I Oodeypore, India, c.1895
Curiously Wrought Red Sandstone Arches, Fort Agra, India, c.1885-c.1895 Elephants and Figures in a Courtyard, Fort Agra, c.1890-c.1899 One Thousand and One Nights, c.1900
A Royal Procession, c.1895-c.1902 Along the Ghats, Mathura Along The Nile
An Indian Gharry Indian Hunting Party A Persian Cafe
Blue Tiled Mosque At Delhi, India Courtyard in Morocco Departure For The Hunt
Elephants at the Palace of Jodhpore Gate Of The Fortress At Agra, India Granada Courtyard
Indian Barbers Saharanpore Indian Prince, Palace Of Agra Indian Prince And Parade Cermony
Jumma Musjed Lahore India Leaving For The Hunt Man Leading a Camel
Market Square in Front of the Sacristy and Doorway of the Cathedral, Granada Mogul’s Elephant Moorish Girl Lying On A Couch Rabat, Morocco
Moorish Guard Rajah Starting On A Hunt Sketch Two Nautch Girls
Standing Arab Woman Street Scene In India The Metalsmith’s Shop
The Rajahs Elephant The Rider The Silk Merchants
The Snake Charmers, Bombay The Temple and Tank of Walkeschwar at Bombay Two Arabs Reading
Village in Atlas Mountains, Morocco Water Carriers Of The Ganges Wedding Procession, Jodhpur
An Open Air Kitchen, Lahore, India Arabs on the Move Arrival of Prince Humbert, the Rahaj, at the Palace of Amber
Horse Market, Persian Stables, Bombay Indian Horsemen at the Gateway of Alah ou din, Old Delhi Market Place at Agra
Persians Lunching on the Grass, Mt. Ararat in the Distance Portico of a Mosque, Ahmedabad Sarkeh, Ahmedabad, Indi
Steps of the Mosque Vazirkham, Lahore Man in Armor (preparatory sketch for Entering the Mosque)