Edward Hopper Paintings

Edward Hopper was born on July 22, 1882 to well-off middle class parents. He would grow up to become a famous American realist painter and printmaker. He was became renowned not only for his oil paintings, but also his watercolor and print etching works. Hopper had a unique perspective of modern American life that was reflected in his artwork. Learn more ยป

Paintings by Edward Hopper in Chronological Order

Study of a Seated Woman, 1899 Study of a Standing Woman, 1900 Self-Portrait, 1903
Self-Portrait, 1906 Stairway at 48 rue de Lille Paris, 1906 The Bridge Of Art, 1907
Railroad Train, 1908 The El Station, 1908 Tramp Steamer, 1908
Valley Of The Seine, 1908 Bistro, 1909 Summer Interior, 1909
The New bridge, 1909 American Village, 1912 Gloucester Harbor, 1912
Squam Light, 1912 Queensborough-Bridge, 1913 Blue night, 1914
Road in Maine, 1914 Elizabeth Griffiths Smith Hopper, The Artist’s Mother, 1916 The Monhegan Boat, 1918
Blackhead, Monhegan, 1919 East Side Interior, 1922 New York Restaurant, 1922
The Cat Boat, 1922 Apartment Houses, 1923 Deck of a Beam Trawler, Gloucester, 1923
Houses of Squam Light, Gloucester, 1923 The Mansard Roof, 1923 Gloucester Mansion, 1924
House at the Fort, Gloucester, 1924 New York Pavements, 1924 Rocks at the Fort Gloucester, 1924
Adobe Houses, 1925 Adobes and Shed, New Mexico, 1925 D. & R. G. Locomotive, 1925
House by the Railroad, 1925 The Bootleggers, 1925 Davis House, 1926
Railroad Crossing, 1926 Sunday, 1926 Automat, 1927
Drug Store, 1927 Light at Two lights, 1927 Lighthouse and Buildings, Portland Head, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, 1927
Lighthouse Hill, 1927 The City, 1927 Two on the Aisle, 1927
Adam’s House, 1928 Night-Windows, 1928 Manhattan Bridge Loop, 1928
Baptistry of St. John’s, 1929 Chop Suey, 1929 Lighthouse at Two Lights, 1929
Railroad Sunset, 1929 Burly Cobb Hen Coop and Barn, 1930 Corn Hill, 1930
Cobbs Barns and Distant Houses, c.1930 Self-Portrait, 1930 South Truro Church, 1930
Tables for Ladies, 1930 The Long Leg, 1930 Freight Car at Truro, 1931
Hotel room, 1931 New York, New Haven and Hartford, 1931 The Barber Shop, 1931
The Camel’s Hump, 1931 City Roofs, 1932 Room in Brooklyn, 1932
Burly Cobb’s House, South Truro, 1933 Ryders House, 1933 Sun on Prospect Street (Gloucester, Massachusetts), 1934
House At Dusk, 1935 Shakespeare at Dusk, 1935 Cape Cod Afternoon, 1936
Jo Painting, 1936 The Circle Theatre, 1936 Five A.M., 1934
Sheridan Theatre, 1937 White River at Sharon, 1937 First Branch of the White River, Vermont, 1938
Bridle Path, 1939 Cape Cod Evening, 1939 Ground Swell, 1939
New York Movie, 1939 Gas, 1940 Room in New York, 1940
Office at Night, 1940 The Lee Shore, 1941 Nighthawks, 1942
Hotel Lobby, 1943 August in the City, 1945 Rooms for Tourists, 1945
Jo In Wyoming, 1946 Pennsylvania coal town, 1947 Summer Evening, 1947
Seven A.M., 1948 Conference At Night, c.1949 High Noon, 1949
Cape Cod Morning, 1950 Summer in the City, 1950 Rooms By The Sea, 1951
Hotel By A Railroad, 1952 Morning Sun, 1952 Office in a Small City, 1953
Carolina Morning, 1955 Sunlight on Brownstones, 1956 Western Motel, 1957
People In The Sun, 1960 Second Story Sunlight, 1960 New York Office, 1962
Intermission (also known as Intermedio), 1963 Sun in an Empty Room, 1963 Chair Car, 1965
Two Comedians, 1965 American Landscape Cape Cod Evening
Coast Guard Station Compartment Car Early Sunday Morning
El Palacio First Row Orchestra Funell of Trawler
Girl at a Sewing Machine Hotel Window The Quaid Grands Augustins
New York Restaurant Bridge on the Seine Cape Cod Afternoon
Le Pont Royal Notre Dame Paris Street
Prizewinning World War I patriotic poster Read Pavillonde Flore Stepsin Paris
Summertime Sunlights in Cafeteria

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