Early Sunday Morning

Early Sunday Morning
Artist Edward Hopper
Year 1930
Medium Oil on canvas
Location Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City, New York
Dimensions 35.2 in × 60.3 in
89.4 cm × 153 cm
Edward Hopper Famous Paintings
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Automat, 1927
Early Sunday Morning, 1930
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Early Sunday Morning is a painting by the American artist Edward Hopper. He produced it in 1930, and it captures a typical morning scene in a part of New York City. The painting is particularly noted for Hopper’s accomplished use of light. The artwork is currently owned by the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Artistic Details

The scene depicted by Hopper in this painting is a straightforward one: a row of closed stores in Seventh Avenue, close to where the artist was living at the time. The angle of view of the piece emphasizes its many straight lines, giving a sense of the length and regularity of the row of buildings. Long shadows fall across the sidewalk, cast by a barber shop’s pole and a fire hydrant. The emptiness of the street is natural at this time of day – shortly after sunrise. However, some critics consider that it is also a commentary on the economic state of New York at the time – in the middle of the Great Depression.

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