Diego Rivera Paintings

A Mexican muralist painter, Diego Rivera (December 8, 1886 – November 24, 1957) was an outspoken member of the Mexican communist party and husband to painter Frida Kahlo. After painting a series of murals in Mexico, Rivera’s travels brought him to the Soviet Union to take part in the anniversary celebrations of the October Revolution, and later to the United States with his wife Frida Kahlo. Rivera was a notorious womanizer, and was married five times throughout his lifetime, twice to Kahlo. His radical political beliefs, attacks on organized religion and his dealings with left-wing assassins made him a controversial figure while he alive, but the quality of his artwork surpassed his personal beliefs, and continued to be a successful painter until his death. Learn more »

Paintings by Diego Rivera in Chronological Order

La Era (The Threshing Floor), 1904 Head of a Goat, c.1905 Night Scene in Avila, 1907
Self-Portrait, 1907 House over the Bridge, c.1909 Notre Dame de Paris, 1909
Portrait of Angelina Beloff, 1909 Breton Girl, 1909 Head of a Breton Woman, 1910
View of Toledo, 1912 Landscape at Toledo, 1913 Portrait of Oscar Miestchaninoff, 1913
Portrait of the Adolfo Best Maugard, 1913 Still Life, 1913 The Adoration of the Virgin, 1913
Woman at a Well, 1913 La Tour Eiffel, 1914 Portrait of Two Women, 1914
Sailor at Breakfast, 1914 Portrait de Martin Luis Guzman, 1915 Portrait of Ramon Gomez de la Serna, 1915
Zapatista Landscape. The Guerrilla, 1915 Motherhood Angelina and the Child Diego, 1916 Still Life, 1918
The Mathematician, 1918 The Outskirts of Paris, 1918 Creation, 1922-1923
Entry into the Mine, 1923 Exit from the Mine, 1923 Tehuana Women, 1923
The Embrace, 1923 The Liberation of The Peon, 1923 The New School, 1923
The Sugar Mill, 1923 Alliance of the Peasant and the Industrial Worker, 1924 Good Friday on the Santa Anita Canal, 1923-1924
Partition of the Land, 1924 The Day of the Dead, 1924 The Festival of The Distribution of The Land, 1923-1924
The Festival of The First of May, 1924 The Maize Festival, 1924 The Market, 1923-1924
The Sacrificial Offering Day of the Dead, 1923-1924 Woman Grinding Maize, 1924 Flower Festival, 1925
Revelation of the Way, 1926 The Exploiters, 1926 The Land’s Bounty Rightfully Possessed, 1926
The Mechanization of The Country, 1926 The Organization of The Agrarian Movement, 1926 Triumph of the Revolution, 1926
Indian Boy and Indian Woman with Corn Stalks, 1926-1927 The Blood of the Revolutionary Martyrs Fertilizing the Earth, 1926-1927 The Perpetual Renewal of the Revolutionary Struggle, 1926-1927
Death of the Capitalist, 1928 Night of the Poor, 1928 Night of the Rich, 1928
Our Bread, 1928 The Learned, 1928 The Painter, the Sculptor and the Architect, 1923-1928
Wall Street Banquet, 1928 The Arsenal, 1928 Entering the City, 1930
My Godfather’s Sons, 1930 Zapata’s Horse, 1930 Allegory of California, 1930
Conquest and Revolution, 1930-1931 Frozen Assets, 1931 The Making of a Fresco, Showing The Building of a City, 1931
Zapata, 1930-1931 Edsel B. Ford, 1932 Detroit Industry, South Wall, 1932-1933
Man at the Crossroads/Man, Controller of the Univers, 1933-1934 The Ancient Indian World, 1929-1935 The History of Mexico, 1929-1935
The History of Mexico, 1929-1935 The History of Mexico, 1929-1935 The History of Mexico, 1929-1935
The History of Mexico, 1929-1935 The World of Today and Tomorrow, 1929-1935 Carnival of Mexican Life. Dictatorship, 1936
The Pinole Seller, 1936 Portrait of Lupe Marin, 1938 Portrait of Madesta and Inesita, 1939
The Hands of Dr. Moore, 1940 Pan American Unity, 1940 Self-Portrait Dedicated to Irene Rich, 1941
Portrait of Carlos Pellicer, 1942 Portrait of Natasha Zakólkowa Gelman, 1943 The Day of the Dead, 1944
The Milliner. Potrait of Henri de Chatillon, 1944 Portrait of Cuca Bustamante, 1946 The Temptations of Saint Antony, 1947
Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park, 1948 Portrait of Ruth Rivera, 1949 The Huastec Civilization, 1950
The Papermakers, 1950 Totonac Civilization, 1950 Figure Symbolizing the African Race, 1951
Figure Symbolizing the Asiatic Race, 1951 The Hands of Nature Offering Water, 1951 Colonisation, ‘The Great City of Tenochtitlan’, 1952
Portrait of the Young Girl Elenita Carrillo Flores, 1952 A History of Medicine, 1953 Portrait of Sra. Dona Elena Flores de Carrillo, 1953
The Painter’s Studio, 1954 Evening Twilight at Acapulco, 1956 May Day Procession in Moscow, 1956
The Hammock, 1956 Angeline Beloff Classical Head
Delfina and Dimas Detroit Industry, North Wall Indian Spinning
Lenin in 1922 Self Portrait Pre Hispanic America
Sugar Plantation, Tealtenango, Morelos and Indian Slaves in the Gold Mines The Architect, Jesus T. Acevedo The Flower Seller
Portrait of Marevna