Deliverance of Saint Peter

Deliverance of Saint Peter
Artist Raphael
Year 1514
Medium Fresco
Location Apostolic Palace, Vatican City
Dimensions ? × 220 in
? cm × 560 cm

In 1514, Raphael with the help of his student, Giulio Romano, was commissioned to make a series of frescoes for Stanza di Eliodoro. One of these paintings was the Deliverance of Saint Peter.

This fresco contains three parts with the one soldier waking his comrade on the left, an angel guiding the saint on his way out of prison, and Saint Peter being woken by an angel at the center. The painting is said to be significant since this artwork especially the middle one was one of the first paintings to use the elements of lighting in creating and emphasizing the divinity of the figure, in this case, an angel.

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