Dance Me to the End of Love

Dance Me to the End of Love
Artist Jack Vettriano
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 28 x 32 inches
71.1 x 81.3 cm

Dance Me to the End of Love is a modern day masterpiece completed in 1998. Created by the self-taught Scottish born painter Jack Vettriano, the painting depicts an elegant experience of a man and a woman. Its portrait-like qualities seem to tell a story to the viewer and have made this painting one of Vettriano’s most popular.

Style and Technique

Vettriano made a name for himself by creating realistic paintings that portray beautiful people enjoying the finer things in life. This painting follows suit. The oil on canvas portrait uses black, white and different hues of gray to evoke the night. The viewer is given a glimpse of a couple up close, with more couples elegantly dancing in the background. The man’s black tuxedo and the woman’s barely white gown and gloves are drawn with the lines of a movie poster. The ashen background appears to move as the couple dances the night away.

Dance Me to the End of Love is a contemporary piece of art that uses skillful painting to create a realistic image. The popularity of this painting has been the inspiration for thousands of replicas and posters sold around the world.

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