Artist Rembrandt
Year 1636
Location Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
Dimensions 73 in × 80 in
185 cm × 203 cm
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Danae is a 1667 painting by Rembrandt depicting the mother of Perseus from Greek mythology. It is a large painting that is held by the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg in Russia. Catherine II purchased the painting for the museum in 1772.


The painting depicts a naked Danae, quite daring at the time, lying in bed with the bedclothes thrown back. She has her right arm raised, apparently welcoming Zeus to the bed.

The four-poster bed and objects in the foreground are shown in rich and lavish detail. Danae’s bracelets and ring are visible. A golden cherub is mounted above the head of the bed.

Rembrandt initially used his wife as the model for this painting. Ten years later, he modified the painting, substituting his mistress’ face for that of his wife.


In 1985, the painting was slashed and had acid thrown over it, causing damage to 30% of the painting. The restoration project took over two years to complete.

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